What’s on Marketing’s Mind? A study of marketer’s priorities for 2018 and beyond…

This is the first in a multipart series that presents the results of MerlinOne’s key priorities for marketers survey.


Marketing’s role has changed. And it’s likely to keep changing. How are marketing leaders navigating the disruption? Toward the end of every year, I ask our customers, CEOs, CMOs, authors and other experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds to weigh in on what will be the key priorities for marketers in the upcoming year. We had input from over 400 marketing experts across different types of business from around the world. Thank you too all who participated!


While the role of marketing continues to change and expand, three big subjects are on marketer’s minds; the shift from storytelling to holistic customer experiences; pressure to contribute to revenue; the influx of data and wealth of communication channels is now allowing for marketers to engage with customers in unprecedented ways.


Key Findings:

  1. CMO’s biggest bets will be on Content Marketing, Content Operations, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Every company is a publisher
  3. Marketing is on the front lines of risk when it comes to cyber attacks
  4. Organizations have a goal to leverage innovative analytics, but lack access to the data and the skills to analyze it against their overall business strategy
  5. CMOs have a desire for quick wins that show contribution to revenue
  6. Bringing order and increased productivity to the complexity of content operations has become a critical business issue
  7. Metadata management has become a must have for records management, digital asset management and content management systems

Check back soon for a deep dive on each of the key findings


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