What is Great Customer Support with DAM?

What sets apart the great from the good? Is it the best DAM software out there? Or is it the support that’s offered to go along with it?

Reading the Manual

It may be a stereotype that men don’t ask for directions when they’re lost but it is true that 90% of us don’t read the user’s manual. We often use software to its least potential because we’re not sure how to get more out of it. As a person who spends all day working with customers—answering questions, troubleshooting errors, configuring requests—I have to say that one of my greatest pleasures is helping people use the DAM system software they have better.

Stop! Learning Time

A DAM system is a complicated beast. It’s not just a place to store photos or documents, but a repository of your company’s assets and a way to share them with the world. Starting out, you’re likely to have hundreds of questions. Training sessions with an expert is a great way to get an overall view of the software that you’re using, but what about six months down the line? What about the one-off question that pops up in the middle of a project? Do you know who you can go to?

Call Us for DAM Customer Support! It’s in Our Name!

It is a truth that I have experienced more times than not that people don’t always know that a support person isn’t just a resource for when your system is down. Sure, we can fix things but that’s not the main focus of our job. Our first and most important job is to help make your system the most useful to you. The most enjoyable conversations I have are with users who call or email with questions about how things work. Almost every time, I end up both answering their question and a few more they didn’t know they could ask to a ‘technical support’ person. Sometimes it’s a simple fix and others not, but always in the end can we help you better understand what you can and can’t do.

So bring us your DAM customer support questions! We’d love to help.

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Sara Hatch
MerlinOne Support Engineer

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