• In an organization of +3000 employees, MerlinAI Facial Recognition has been a time and money saver for our agency. The tagging system is easy to use, and it saves so much time not having to go through every picture in the database to just add people’s names over and over again…We couldn’t be happier with the tool!

    Bart Vieugels
    Oklahoma Department of Transportation

  • In an organization of 1,800+ employees, facial recognition has been a huge time and money saver for our agency. Not only is the tagging system incredibly easy to use, MerlinAI Facial Recognition saves us countless hours not having to go through every picture in the database and add people’s name over and over again. It’s amazing how it’s made my day-to-day incredibly more efficient, not to mention how much money we’re saving simply in resource time alone.

    Maria Tarapacki
    Photo Information Specialist, New York Power Authority

  • Merlin’s Facial Recognition for MerlinX is a transcending addition to our DAM. It’s unearthed images of doctors, staff and administrators that were previously untagged and has made our photo archives incredibly more valuable.
    Jim Arnold
    Digital Media Manager, Akron Children’s Hospital

  • We’re asked for photos of individuals often, and before MerlinOne’s Facial Recognition tool within MerlinX, it was up to us to remember what photos people might be in based on the recent events they attended or activities they participated in…By having Facial Recognition installed in our Merlin X DAM, all we have to do is tag someone once…the system even recognizes them when new photos come in, so we don’t have to be constantly tagging people we’ve already tagged. Now, we’re able to get our images out to the world faster so that our mission is successfully met. It’s truly an excellent feature and is critical to our overall business objective to help animals.

    Michelle Riley
    Director of Photography, The Humane Society of the United States