Merlin Accelerated Intelligence (AI)

Embrace the groundbreaking magic of artificial intelligence with Merlin DAM

The Merlin AI Suite gives users useful accelerated intelligence never before possible. It’s like having a research staff at your fingertips, with a perfect photographic memory for every picture in your content collection, the ability to automatically ID almost anyone, the willingness to do the thankless name identification metadata entry chores, and even look over your shoulder to make helpful suggestions as you edit your photos.

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Images representing alternative energy on MerlinOne's DAM service website.
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MerlinAI Facial Recognition

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MerlinAI Visual Similarity

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Merlin AI is like having a total recall librarian rolled into one mouse click.

In an organization of +3000 employees, MerlinAI Facial Recognition has been a time and money saver for our agency. The tagging system is easy to use, and it saves so much time not having to go through every picture in the database to just add people’s names over and over again…We couldn’t be happier with the tool!

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Bart Vieugels
Oklahoma Department of Transportation