The Benefits of Merlin + Sitecore Integration

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What You’ll Get

  • Access your DAM content in Merlin from inside the Sitecore UI
  • Easy to get up and running-no technical work required
  • Fast access your whole team can rely on
  • Add content to the Sitecore library and onto your post or page without having to download and upload
  • Uses the MX Basic user interface for easy access
  • Use your Merlin login (or single sign on) credentials
  • No need to learn another piece of software
  • Rights management rules come from Merlin
  • Use Merlin Collections and powerful search as well as other familiar features

Now Merlin´s Sitecore connector integrates web management and digital experience platform. Now you can easily retrieve your Merlin assets right from your Sitecore dashboard without having to toggle back and forth between tools.

How it works.

sitecore connector connect web management & digital experience platform

Your Merlin DAM becomes a media source from within Sitecore, just like the Media Library tab. Select the Upload from Merlin tab to login to Merlin using the MerlinX Basic User Interface. Search and select content and add to Sitecore Media Library and the post.

Sitecore Integration with These Merlin Features:

  • Use Same Credentials
  • Use Merlin’s powerful search to find content
  • Use Merlin’s collections to find organized content
  • Configure size requirements in the preferences
  • Add to the library and post together

Under the Hood-Technical Information

The connector is supplied as a Sitecore “.update” module and follows that convention and process. Installation is a simple procedure that all Sitecore administrators are familiar with.

Product Minimum Version
MerlinX 5.6
Sitecore 8.X & 9.X
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