MerlinAI NOMADTM for Video

Pure Visual Search for Digital Asset Management 

When it comes to searching your video collection, the biggest problem today is the lack of—or even the complete absence of—descriptive metadata at the scene-level that makes searching for a particular scene in video nearly impossible.

Fortunately, we have the solution: NOMAD™ for Video. 

That’s right, NOMAD™ AI-powered Visual Search—the same revolutionary visual search technology we developed for images—is also available for video. Just describe the scene you’re seeking with natural language (including emotions and concepts) and NOMAD™ for Video will instantly locate all the videos in your collection where the described scene occurs and take you to the exact clip for playback.

Why get NOMAD™ for Video?

Adds value. With NOMAD™ for Video, all your video assets are now immediately discoverable. Now you or your customers can find video scenes with a simple search query and NOMAD™ for Video returns accurate results based on the visual content of the scene.

Saves time. Spend less time scrubbing through an entire video file for a short clip. With NOMAD™ for Video, you’ll find it in seconds not hours.

Easy to use. You don’t need to have institutional knowledge or be an expert in specialized search techniques to find specific video clips. Just describe the scene you’re looking for in the search box and NOMAD™ for Video will instantly find all your video assets where that scene occurs and take you to the exact clip for playback.

NOMAD™ works with any digital asset management platform

NOMAD™ for Video is not only a valuable enhancement for our Merlin digital asset management solution, but it’s also available as-a-service to improve the search and discoverability of any DAM or MAM.

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