MerlinAI NOMADTM -as-a-Service

The Power of NOMAD™ is Now Available to Enhance Discoverability of any Collection

Frustrated by trying to find images and videos in your digital asset management platform because of the lack of good—or worse, any—metadata? 

Those days are gone.

NOMAD™-as-a-Service enhances the discoverability of visual assets in any digital asset management platform 

By adding NOMAD™ AI-powered Visual Search capabilities to your own DAM or MAM, you increase the overall value of your collection by providing your users with the ultimate visual search experience.

You’ll be amazed how quickly and accurately you and your customers will be able to find specific images and videos in your collection by simply describing them in plain language.

See for yourself 

Looking for a woman with flying dreadlocks? This tough query is a simple matter for NOMAD™.
Don’t believe us? Try out your own search at The Associated Press’ AP Newsroom, which is powered by NOMAD™ (just be sure to enable AI to see NOMAD’s extended search results). 

Screenshot on MerlinOne's website
NOMAD™-as-a-Service is straightforward and easy to use

Through a simple and well-defined API, the power of NOMAD™ can be easily integrated into your own DAM’s user interface. 

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Go ahead. Experience the power of NOMAD at The Associated Press’ AP Newsroom (you know you want to!) and then request a demo for us to show you how NOMAD™ can help discover and maximize the value of your own digital assets right away.

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