MerlinAI NOMADTM -as-a-Service

The Power of NOMAD™ is Now Available to Enhance Discoverability of any Collection

No Metadata? No problem. NOMAD™ knows. 

The problem: Searching a DAM for assets with little or no descriptive metadata is nearly impossible.

The solution: Meet NOMAD™: a purely visual AI search technology which understands natural language and concepts. NOMAD™ (NO MetAData) is exclusive to MerlinOne, and is the result of four years of in-house advanced AI effort. This is Visual Search, reimagined. 

NOMAD™-as-a-Service: MerlinOne is now offering NOMAD™-as-a-Service to use with any DAM. 

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NOMAD™ for Images



Meet NOMAD™  for Video

Added Value: A With NOMAD™ for Video, all your video assets are now immediately discoverable. Our purely visual search technology returns accurate results independent of any metadata.

Time Savings: Spend less time scrubbing through an entire video file for a short clip. With NOMAD™ for Video, you’ll find it in seconds not hours.

Exclusively from MerlinOne: Available nowhere else, NOMAD™ for Video was researched, developed, and deployed in-house. We are committed to providing you with the best, most complete digital asset management software available.