MerlinOne Brings Facial Recognition with Auto Tagging to DAM

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New feature is one of several new Deep Learning capabilities to be rolled out from the MerlinAI Suite in 2019

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BOSTON, MA, December 17, 2018 (PR NEWSWIRE) – MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) software, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking facial recognition with tagging feature on the Merlin X platform. MerlinOne customers now have the unique ability to detect, tag and match millions of faces within their image collection instantly. This advanced capability uses biometrics, and multiple Deep Learning algorithms to quickly find, extract and identify a person’s face within a 2D image even if the face is within a crowd, angled, shadowed or partially hidden. MerlinAI Facial Recognition is one of many new advanced and useful Deep Learning enhancements that will be rolled out in their MerlinAI suite within the next year.

“In the world of Digital Asset Management, we’ve been hearing so much about the potential of AI, though have yet to really see advanced application of it within the DAM itself. We wanted to thoughtfully approach AI in a way that really sets the bar for the industry and provides practical and never-before-seen capabilities that will drastically improve the work lives of our customers,” said David Tenenbaum, Founder and CEO of MerlinOne. “In development, we were especially concerned about tuning for accuracy since many current facial recognition technologies still struggle with misidentification or failing to identify the subject altogether, particularly when it comes to recognizing certain ethnicities or gender.”

MerlinAI Facial Recognition will be available to any Merlin X customer as an optional add-on feature, providing:

Superior accuracy- When benchmarked against a leading academic reference set, MerlinAI Facial Recognition algorithm scores above 99% in accuracy.

Rapid identification- Face match verification processing is instantaneous even when the user needs to identify individuals from large galleries of images. In addition, the feature allows users to easily detect and tag faces within an individual photo or within multiple photos simultaneously. What’s more, users can more effectively track someone that progresses in age from youth to middle age to elderly if a good quality image of that person is originally tagged in each of those age stages.

Personalized User Collection TaggingMerlinAI Facial Recognition is used to detect and tag any person within a user’s personalized collection. This could mean a CEO, top donors or anyone else specific to them, their team, or institution.

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