Merlin Speaks Your language; Support Added for Multilingual Digital Asset Management and Searching

Quincy, MA,  Feb. 15, 2016—MerlinOne, a leading provider of digital asset management solutions is providing its customers with multi-language support. This means that sites that want to store and search for content in different languages may now do so. Whether it is English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew, users may now submit content in any language (Klingon is not officially supported as Unicode) and search for content in that language.

“It is pretty amazing that any language, including those with complex character sets, or ‘right to left’ text may be quickly searched in Merlin” said David Breslauer, MerlinOne’s Application Support Manager.

The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong  and Cricket Media use Merlin to search content from their Chinese language publications and the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) use their Merlin for Hebrew metadata and documents and soon will be adding Korean content.

Not only can Merlin store multilingual content, where configured, optional language translation services are able to translate fields like description and headline into one or more languages. Using an external translation service, Merlin content is translated on input and may display the translations with the original source information.  Imagine a photo with French in the description (caption), and having it appear in English and/or Spanish as well.

Merlin is a complete digital asset management solution that allows users to organize millions of photos, graphics, videos and other multimedia files using fast, precise searching with easy and flexible workflows. Merlin’s industry leading video search technology allows users to actually search for words spoken in the audio tracks.

About MerlinOne -MerlinOne, Inc. is a trusted digital asset management expert. The Merlin picture desk / digital asset management solution clients include The White House, Pfizer, Harvard Business School, NPR, The Humane Society, The New York Times and New York Power Authority.

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