Meredith LIFE Collection Selects NOMAD AI Visual Search

Image of the word "Life" on MerlinOne's website

QUINCY, MA (Aug. 23, 2021) — “Stunning! Incredible!” were remarks made by the Meredith LIFE team when MerlinOne’s NOMAD™ Visual Search AI was deployed in their Merlin digital asset management solution.

The curators of the iconic Meredith LIFE photo collection of more than 11 million images, had previously implemented MerlinOne’s Facial Recognition AI to speed the identification, tagging, and discovery photos of specific people in their vast collection. But adding NOMAD™ pure visual search was a game changer. High value content they had no idea existed and couldn’t be found due to insufficient metadata, was discovered which greatly enhanced their ability to monetize the collection.

“The biggest problem DAM users face today is the lack of quality metadata, and with text-based searching that can mean that an organization’s best content is undiscoverable,” said David Tenenbaum, CEO of MerlinOne. “NOMAD™ uses a purely visual approach and gives all that content back to you.”

NOMAD™ understands the concept you are looking for and delivers precise results based solely on the visual content of an image, completely independent of the existence or accuracy of its metadata, or whether your search terms happen to match exactly the metadata in images you’re looking for.

NOMAD’s exclusive AI-powered search is the result of three years of MerlinOne’s research into developing beneficial applications of AI to images. If desired, it can even be combined with other MerlinAI tools such as Visual Similarity AI searching and IMPACT! results reordering to provide even more powerful search capabilities.

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Featured image courtesy of the Meredith LIFE Corporation.