How Does a DAM Help With Government Public Relations Efforts?

The biggest struggles of public relations with media communications is the assembling of digital content, managing the workflow/approval process, and then determining how that content will be shared, distributed, or published. If your Public Relations Team does not work in a centralized fashion then you run the risk of wasting time locating assets, delaying opportunities to share them, or quite possibly delivering the wrong/outdated version content.

To avoid these problems the deployment of a Digital Asset Management solution (DAM) will allow you to take control of how assets are catalogued, managed, and accessed within a single repository.

So What Can a DAM Solution Actually Do?

  • Centralized Environment
    A centralized DAM provides a single platform for users to preserve, share, version, or expire assets with the knowledge everything lives in one place and can be easily located.
  • Reduction in Duplicative Assets
    A DAM helps in the reduction of duplicate photos and other assets. Without the deployment of a centralized system, assets live on file servers, drives, disc media, or more often personal computers. There is no way to avoid or even know if there are multiple copies of the same file.
  • Maximize Asset Control
    Maintaining control of your assets. With a DAM solution, you know who is using what file and where they are using it. Model releases can be attached to files for rights management. Sensitive material may be restricted for certain uses. Images with limited usage can be set to expire.
  • Shared and Controlled Environment
    A major benefit of a centralized DAM solution is creating an easily accessed shared digital asset library. Instead of sharing assets through ftp drops or email, users can quickly upload images or videos from the field to a secure location and then designers or communications staff in any office location  (with access permission) can quickly locate them for press releases, the website, social media or printed material.
  • Collaborative Workflows
    Depending on your role in public relations-creative, photo editor or media editor; the content elements can be accessed, edited, versioned, approved then distributed in a repeatable workflow process. And best of all, usage can be easily tracked.
  • Efficient Back-up of Data
    Data security problems are eliminated with a DAM. A central repository can be easily backed-up. If you choose a SaaS model, your vendor should be keeping multiple copies of your data.

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