5 Things to Know About Analytics with Digital Asset Management

So, you have a Digital Asset Management system and you’ve been using it for a while. The list of things you probably want to know includes such things as who is using the assets in the DAM, where are they being published, and who is uploading assets into the digital asset management software. You may want to be able to find out more about what assets are being deleted or what assets are being downloaded most often. Maybe you need to see all of the different ways a given asset has been used.

Here are some things to think about when investigating DAM analytics or reports:

    • Is there a wide range of reports? Are there reports to meet all of my company’s needs for information. For example, can you track exports, what searches are being done including the number of hits found for each search, what edits have been done on metadata and by whom, who has logged into the DAM and when, who has placed orders for assets from the DAM and what is in each order, what assets are popular with respect to downloads?
    • Can the DAM provider generate a custom report for me? Maybe I need information that is very specific to my business and my company’s DAM and not likely to be relevant to other customers of that particular type of DAM. Can digital asset management software provide customized reports that meet my particular needs? Note that I probably don’t want to have to go to a separate place for these customized reports, they should show up in the list with the rest of the built-in reports.
    • Is there some way to limit access to reports? I don’t want some lower-level or external users having access to this strategic information.
    • Do I have various ways to filter a report, e.g. by a date range, by a given user or by selecting the relevant assets for this report?
    • How quickly are the reports generated? If I go to the DAM report page, do I get the report delivered to me directly from there, or do I have to wait while the report is generated and then deposited somewhere or emailed to me?

A digital asset management system needs to not only contain your assets, it also needs to provide useful strategic information for your business. Does your DAM provide this service for you?

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