How a DAM Can Help Marketing Leaders Unite Teams

As a marketing leader or CMO, does it get harder for you to share and collaborate on content each year, or easier? Many marketing teams are decentralized and even if they aren’t physically separated themselves, the teams and agencies they collaborate with are. How do you share lots of content between these groups? I mean, LOTS OF CONTENT, not a … Read More

Studies Weekly Selects Merlin DAM

Quincy, MA August 4 – MerlinOne is pleased to announce that the Studies Weekly has selected the Merlin digital asset management system to help organize their multi-media content. Studies Weekly, based in Utah, creates engaging learning experiences that profoundly impact millions of students. Their standards-based curriculum and educational materials apply a balanced literacy approach to education that fosters critical thinking … Read More

Version Control and DAM

Why Version control is important in a DAM In their DAM, everyone has old versions of their company logo, or the less-than-perfect product shots, documents showing a product name that was later changed before release, or that photo of their CEO from the wrong angle. An object worked on by a collaborative team ended up going through 5 revisions, and … Read More

In a DAM, Speed is all that Matters

We are all impatient. Especially when sitting in front of a computer: waiting for the answer to your question is just no longer tolerable. We are all used to <1 second response times from Google, and we are mostly OK when the thing we are looking for is on page 5 of the results. Google has trained us, and we … Read More

Save time with a DAM!

To most users of a DAM, saving time is the most apparent benefit. You are on deadline. It is an important project and everyone is relying on you. When you started you felt sure there was plenty of time, and you were going to do a great job. Today, not so much. The first image you needed was the original … Read More

DAM Automation overview

Resize, Crop, Change Resolution and DAM Automation. Let’s face it: no one likes to do boring repetitive tasks. And the tasks we most dislike generally get done last. Even if they are really important to someone else. Pretty much every organization has standard sizes or crop ratios they use for photos going on their web pages or print publications, and … Read More

Top 5 DAM Benefits

Did you ever want a quick list of general DAM benefits? Here’s our list of the Top 5 DAM benefits. We all have digital photos and other assets like PDFs, Word docs, videos, graphics and more on our laptops or phones or tablets, and we do just fine as individuals organizing our the corporate files we create (well, sometimes…). So … Read More

Digital Rights Management (DRM): What is DRM and why does it matter?

Unless you have a huge in-house staff of writers, photographers, videographers, and editors, odds are good some of your content comes from third parties and likely, some of it protected with digital rights management (DRM). These may be stock photo houses, freelancers, news services, video studios, and the like. Each of these third party sources has their own business model, … Read More

DAM vs DropBox vs Box vs CMS… Who needs a DAM?

“I have Dropbox or Box, or we keep files in our CMS. Why do I need a DAM?” That’s a fairly common question, so let’s use old-school analogies to explain this problem. DropBox is like a really big file cabinet: you have a bunch of folders with hopefully clear names, arranged alphabetically, and when you need something in one of … Read More