The power of Permissions in Digital Asset Management

There’s a huge amount of work that goes into adopting any sort of database management system. You have to get your content into it, you have to make sure your users can access the data, and you have to figure out how to categorize so that people can find the right content. Starting with Users There’s one step, however, that … Read More

Top five things to know about digital asset management in 2015 and beyond

Published November 6th on Indeed, storing and finding assets was the primary focus of the earliest DAM systems—and is still a core function—but along the way DAM has evolved, matured and learned a few tricks. Let’s look at a few of the roles DAM has taken on along the way. In the closing scene of the movie Raiders of … Read More

A Social Presence and Maximizing your DAM Experience

So you’ve chosen a DAM, you’ve got it filled to the brim with your content, and now it’s time to do something with all those assets. It’s time to craft your social media presence. But where do you start? What will you use? Many companies have already found their niche in the social media world, using targeted campaigns to bring … Read More