Digital Asset Management Users Group Meeting

My colleagues Rande Simpson, Mike Kullen and I recently held a pair of Merlin User Group webinars for our customers. A few years ago when we did these, our users were a fairly homogenous group, mostly newspapers (or magazines), people who spoke the language of sections, zones and editions.

Behind Digital Asset Management: Video/Audio Search Technology

As audio and video assets become more commonplace in business and everyday life (YouTube, voicemail, company videos, news media interviews) we recognized a need to make them useful in a digital asset management system. How do you make a video/audio file searchable without paying someone to sit down and type out a transcript

Behind Digital Asset Management: Database Fault-Tolerance

Last time we discussed security – how can you be sure that your digital assets aren’t available for unauthorized eyes to see. This week we’ll discuss how the technology ensures that, even during a hardware failure, you never lose access to the files in your digital asset management system.

Behind Digital Asset Management: Database Security

How are my digital assets protected from any outsiders? If my digital assets become public it would be a huge problem, why should I believe a system is safe? First, let’s talk about “firewalls”. Basically firewalls are boxes thru which network traffic passes, and they look at each packet and decide (based on rules) whether to pass a