Behind Digital Asset Management: n-Tier Database Architecture

So far in this series, we’ve discussed the basics of databases, how to achieve increased speed, and how to maximize efficiency with relational databases. In this week’s installment we will discuss the architecture of a well-designed digital asset management system. OK, so someplace out there my database lives with all of my digital assets. I sit here with my laptop.

Merlin Digital Asset Management System Selected by Partners In Health

Quincy, MA, October 24, 2011 – Partners in Health (PIH) has selected the Merlin Hosted Digital Asset Management System to organize their photo content of their worldwide work. Merlin hosted systems are a full, outsourced, digital asset management system offered as Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). MerlinOne locates its systems in the United States in a top-notch co-location facility with high security, generator … Read More

Behind Digital Asset Management: Relational Databases

In the past we’ve discussed some of the basics of database technology, today we’ll talk about increasing the efficiency of a digital asset management system by using a relational database at its core. So what exactly is a “relational database”? Remember back when we introduced the concept of a database, and mentioned there

Sending Photos from iPhone/iPad to the Merlin DAM

From time to time I have had customers ask about sending photos taken by smart phones to their Merlin digital asset management systems. This question has come from our newspaper customers because they have reporters or readers who take photos with their phones and want to get them back to the newspaper.

MerlinOne Digital Asset Management System at IFRA

MerlinOne Digital Asset Management System Makes First Appearance at the IFRA Expo. MerlinOne will be participating at IFRA 2011 Expo, October 10 through October 12 in Vienna, Austria. We will be in the Open Lounge Area of the exhibit floor. Feel free to stop by and say hello.