Newspaper Digital Asset Management Customer: Jeff Rickman

This week I sat down with Jeff Rickman, an IT staffer of The Oregonian. The Oregonian is a Portland, Oregon area paper with local and national news, sports, opinion, food, home, and travel. Jeff agreed to talk with me about his experience using the MerlinOne digital asset management system.

Digital Asset Management Conference in NYC – Henry Stewart DAM

MerlinOne participated in the Henry Stewart DAM Conference in New York City last week. I was told attendance was up about 30 percent from last year, which tells me the economy must be improving and corporations are looking to spend money to help improve efficiencies. This year’s conference focused not only on what features to look for in

Digital Video Post Workflow: Ingesting Tape-Originated Video Assets

In a past blog, we discussed using video asset management systems to maintain raw video source, today we’ll discuss a simplified digital video workflow. The digital video workflow is split into three basic components: input, editing and output. We’ll start by discussing input, which I believe to be the most important component of the workflow.