Winter Olympics: More than a Million Reasons to Love your DAM

We love the role Digital Asset Management systems play in solving the problem of helping our users rapidly and easily handle photos, videos, text, PDF’s, and every kind of digital asset imaginable. The more objects the DAM has to deal with, the happier we get about doing something useful for our customers, many of whom are on tight deadlines!

Imagine how happy we were during the Winter Olympics, where many events happening concurrently provided a flood of amazing images to an eagerly awaiting worldwide audience! And now that the games have ended the numbers are in, and they are impressive:

During the 15 days of the Games, and including the two preceding prep days, one of our news industry customers took in 1,003,571 photos. That works out to 59,034 photos per day, or under 1.5 seconds per photo for 24 hours a day for 17 days! No problems, no errors, and they were able to edit and distribute the right images through the right distribution channels quickly and with no drama!

And that is just one of our customers for whom the Olympics was a big deal!

Most organizations do not ever get to that kind of volume, but it sure is nice to know the capability is there for you. We love our mission, and we loved coming through for our users at the Winter Games!


USA Today photograph of the bobsled event at the winter olympics

David Tenenbaum

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