What’s Next with MerlinX

MerlinOne MerlinX User InterfaceMerlinX, our new web client for our Merlin Digital Asset Management product is not even a year old and we have already endowed it with new features and functions.

Heading soon to our QA department, I have been given access to the latest version of MerlinX, version 5.1, our new web-based client for Merlin DAM users in advance of it’s release.

MerlinX is a really great, easy-to-use tool for accessing content stored in Merlin. Better than “supersized” or “new & improved,“ the latest version of MerlinX continues to dazzle.

New tools that support exporting content to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter start the list. Once configured, simply select an asset in Merlin, and send it on its way. It is that easy.

Also part of the 5.1 release is integration with Adobe products. Search for Merlin content from within Adobe Bridge and open it directly in any Adobe application. This has huge implications for folks that work in creative departments.

But wait, there’s more…new tools for managing and editing keywords allow for enforced keyword editing.

Rights management, so very important to many of our sites has also been improved. Not only is there a dedicated rights management panel that displays important rights related fields, downloading of content may be restricted based on Metadata (some uses can see it, but may not download).

The ability to upload has also been improved. The already great web upload process now allows content to be directly uploaded into collections.

Searching has been improved as well… search within collections or search for file types in a more granular fashion.

We did not leave out video or audio either. Now, add markers or denote clips and add searchable tags to those marked frames and clips. Then, users may export the marked frames and clips.

Other improvements include:

  • Delete items if you have the privilege
  • Manually link or unlink items
  • Integration with Trax, our assignment request system.
  • Create pick lists that support type-ahead for data entry or searching

These are just some of the new features Merlin users will have access to later this fall. We can’t wait to show them off.

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