Best Practices for Deploying DAM Software for Hospitals

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You’ve signed up for DAM software for Hospital Communications or Marketing Departments. Now what do you do? These are some of the decisions you will need to make:

1. Do you want start to use the DAM right away in your workflow or concentrate on getting your unorganized files added first?

2. Who will have access to the collection? Will you allow doctors, other medical center properties, various departments, print contractors,etc, access to your digital media? Will some people have a higher privilege access, i.e., can they upload, can they edit, can they download. Who can see reports on data usage? Who can export directly to social media?

3. What metadata is important to help locate your digital assets? Too much and people will not fill it out, too little and you will not be able to quickly find your photos, videos or documents. Will metadata be added in advance of uploading, during the upload process or afterwards?

4. You will need to collect all the files that are on individuals’ computers or on a network share and decide to organize and add metadata to them before or after you batch upload the files to the DAM. This might depend on the tools available in your DAM solution, is your vendor is able to load the files for you and if your current folder names will become searchable metadata.

5. Who will be the DAM guru? Will it be the photographer, a member of your creative team, the director of communications? Someone ultimately needs to be the go-to-person for questions and suggestions.

6. Who needs training, the entire staff or will you take the train-the-trainer approach?

This just scratches the surface, but these are just some of the items MerlinOne staff covers with our customers when they are getting started on the road to organizing their digital media with our Merlin DAM system.

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