Digital Asset Input/Output

In the early days of Merlin, we primarily worked with photo files. Over the years, as our digital asset management market evolved, we added the capacity to process text, PDF files, graphics of many types and some video formats. The ability to injest all of these different digital assets was achieved with one software component, called MIO.

RAID Systems in Digital Asset Management

One term you may come across as you investigate digital asset management systems (or any other large computer system) is RAID. You wouldn’t be alone if you had no idea what that actually means. The literal meaning of the acronym is Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. I bet that didn’t help much, did it? At its core,

Digital Asset Management – Fault-Tolerance

If you work around computer systems with any regularity, you’ll hear the phrase “fault-tolerance” quite a bit. You realize it’s got to be a good thing, but what does it mean? Is it something you need for your systems? Fault-tolerance is the general term that describes how quickly an important application can recover from a hardware failure, software problems or … Read More

Digital Asset Management: Managing the Flow

Last week, David Breslauer talked about some of the challenges found in taking photos at an event like the Olympics. I deal with the issues at the other end of the pipe – managing the photos once they’ve been captured. As technology has advanced to make it easier, cheaper and faster to take and keep ever growing numbers of photos

So, just what is a DAM system good for anyway?

Nearly everyone I know has at least one half-forgotten shoebox full of pictures. You know, the pictures that you keep meaning to sort through, but never quite manage to actually organize? Now that most of us have moved onto using digital cameras, that problem has only gotten worse. Now, instead of easily flipping through photos