Best Practices for Maintaining a DAM System

What is a Digital Asset Management System? Tips & Best Practices for Choosing and Maintaining a DAM

By Angela Stringfellow - Last updated

Getting frustrated with the time your team is wasting searching for – or recreating – digital assets, or tracking down need-to-know information about usage rights? It’s time to consider a digital asset management system. Here’s what you need to know about how to choose the right digital asset management system for your needs, as well as some best practices for … Read More

It’s the content, stupid. Just ask GoPro if you don’t believe me. Or Red Bull.

By Cecile - Last updated

When GoPro went public last year their IPO filings revealed the company’s ambition to leverage the success of their hardware business to enable “GoPro to become an exciting new media company.” Content created with the company’s popular action cameras is the centerpiece of GoPro’s marketing strategy. With nearly 3.2 million subscribers to the company’s YouTube channel, more than 8.8 million “likes” … Read More

Does your DAM have a Whoops Factor?

By Cecile - Last updated

Not too long ago a member of our customer service team received a panicked call from a Merlin Digital Asset Management System user who had accidentally deleted a project or collection. This wasn’t just a personal project, but a shared project that the whole department used. And it wasn’t just a single project, but a folder encompassing multiple projects. As … Read More