State Transportation Department Selects Merlin DAM

By David Farrell - Last updated

Quincy, MA June 15 – MerlinOne is pleased to announce that the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (OKDOT) has selected the Merlin Digital Asset Management System to organize their multimedia content. Since 1911, Oklahoma Department of Transportation employees have worked to provide a safe, economical and effective transportation network for the people, commerce, and communities of Oklahoma. Merlin is a full-featured … Read More

What are best practices for deploying DAM software for Universities and Colleges Communications or Marketing Departments

By Cecile - Last updated

You signed up for a SaaS digital asset management system, now what do you do? These are some of the decisions you will need to make: Planning  your plan. Do you want start to use the DAM right away in your workflow or concentrate on getting your unorganized files added first? Who will have access to the collection? Will you … Read More

It’s all about the DAM Workflow‏

By Cecile - Last updated

For years MerlinOne has been providing high availability, high performance Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that have been fulfilling the needs of our customers; increasing their productivity, and making their lives easier.  Over the years, those needs have been growing in order to keep up with ever expanding technologies, and services that are increasingly integrated and connected. In order to … Read More

Does your DAM have a Whoops Factor?

By Cecile - Last updated

Not too long ago a member of our customer service team received a panicked call from a Merlin Digital Asset Management System user who had accidentally deleted a project or collection. This wasn’t just a personal project, but a shared project that the whole department used. And it wasn’t just a single project, but a folder encompassing multiple projects. As … Read More

DAM efficient NebraskaLAND Librarian; Photo Collection Goes Public in Nebraska

By Cecile - Last updated

Merlin is for the birds…and sunsets, deer, sky, landscapes and people at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Pretty much whatever the skilled photographers of the NGPC capture with their cameras may be found in the Commission’s Merlin. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission ( has been using Merlin’s hosted digital asset management solution for more than a year and … Read More

Browser Technology Helps DAM access: The Ubiquitous Merlin

By Cecile - Last updated

MerlinOne has a long history of ensuring that data stored within its Merlin digital asset management system is readily available to a variety of users. Offering both dedicated client software (for Windows and Mac) and a web browser interface (for a variety of Internet-connected devices), the company is continually investing in technologies that bring Merlin to as many users as … Read More

DAM Software; how to avoid poor Customer Service

By Cecile - Last updated

Avoid being Charlie Brown Does the Software Customer Service live up to the reputation the vendor proclaims as you go through an evaluation process of deciding on a new software solution? Sure we look at big bold type on a vendor’s web site proclaiming “our relationship with our customers is #1!” The reality is as a consumer, you really don’t … Read More

An Introduction to Keywords in MerlinX

By Cecile - Last updated

MerlinX (MX) provides an exciting and user-friendly approach to keywords with key enhancements to handling and editing. As a member of the Technical Services team I’ve recently observed that this can be a confusing area for new users.   With a few simple guidelines users can employ some Digital Asset Management best practices from the start and can quickly organize data … Read More

Digital Asset Management at Telegraaf Media

By Cecile - Last updated

Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG), based in Amsterdam, publishes a variety of newspapers and websites including De Telegraaf, the largest Dutch newspaper. TMG has been using Merlin as their Digital Asset Management system for nearly 10 years. I had the pleasure of visiting them recently with my colleague Jennifer Cox, MerlinOne’s Customer Service Team Manager. Like many of our newspaper customers, … Read More