Best Practices for Maintaining a DAM System

What is a Digital Asset Management System? Tips & Best Practices for Choosing and Maintaining a DAM

By Angela Stringfellow - Last updated

Getting frustrated with the time your team is wasting searching for – or recreating – digital assets, or tracking down need-to-know information about usage rights? It’s time to consider a digital asset management system. Here’s what you need to know about how to choose the right digital asset management system for your needs, as well as some best practices for … Read More

Does your DAM have a Whoops Factor?

By Cecile - Last updated

Not too long ago a member of our customer service team received a panicked call from a Merlin Digital Asset Management System user who had accidentally deleted a project or collection. This wasn’t just a personal project, but a shared project that the whole department used. And it wasn’t just a single project, but a folder encompassing multiple projects. As … Read More

DAM Software; how to avoid poor Customer Service

By Cecile - Last updated

Avoid being Charlie Brown Does the Software Customer Service live up to the reputation the vendor proclaims as you go through an evaluation process of deciding on a new software solution? Sure we look at big bold type on a vendor’s web site proclaiming “our relationship with our customers is #1!” The reality is as a consumer, you really don’t … Read More

An Introduction to Keywords in MerlinX

By Cecile - Last updated

MerlinX (MX) provides an exciting and user-friendly approach to keywords with key enhancements to handling and editing. As a member of the Technical Services team I’ve recently observed that this can be a confusing area for new users.   With a few simple guidelines users can employ some Digital Asset Management best practices from the start and can quickly organize data … Read More

Digital Asset Management at Telegraaf Media

By Cecile - Last updated

Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG), based in Amsterdam, publishes a variety of newspapers and websites including De Telegraaf, the largest Dutch newspaper. TMG has been using Merlin as their Digital Asset Management system for nearly 10 years. I had the pleasure of visiting them recently with my colleague Jennifer Cox, MerlinOne’s Customer Service Team Manager. Like many of our newspaper customers, … Read More

My Top 5 Digital Asset Management Resources

By Cecile - Last updated

When I look for the latest news about what is happening or trending in the world of digital asset management systems I look at the following companies blogs and articles, follow them on LinkedIn, get their twitter feeds, attend their webinars and/or go to their shows. Not in any particular order: DAM Foundation DAM Coalition CMSWire Real … Read More

Multimedia: The Universal Language

By Cecile - Last updated

Shared by Laura DePeters, Social Media Channels Manager, Habitat for Humanity International By the very nature of our mission, Habitat for Humanity is an exceptionally visual, hands-on organization. Volunteers, homeowners and brand activists are sharing their Habitat story each and every day, often through photos and videos. While our vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to … Read More