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Streamline your Digital Asset Management workflows and achieve serious efficiency.

Battle-tested for the most demanding publishers in the world.

We were born in the media and news publishing environment. Our Digital Asset Management product has served every type of production environment successfully for 29 years. Merlin provides the most robust publishing solutions, ensuring that digital assets move quickly and efficiently to media & production teams, partners or affiliates and out to global media channels.

Faster, more efficient tools for photo editing

Fast photo Ingestion

We can easily support tens of thousands of digital assets a day, with any number of simultaneous users. Your publication depends on us, and we won’t let you down.

Video picture desk

Automatically transcribe text from video assets, making them easier to find. Search and find the right clips, go immediately to that part of the video, then edit and export clips directly from the MerlinOne DAM.

Manage assignments

Manage staff assignment request, schedules, and resale and usage rights. A built-in contact database finds the right people for the job, then notifies them immediately.

Industry-leading search

We stand behind our search times, no matter how many assets you have. Our ironclad SLA ensures that you aren’t waiting long for your results.

Custom workflows

Our robust workflow engine allows you to automate manual tasks, saving you time and money at every step. Drag and drop workflows can accomplish in microseconds what might take a person minutes, or hours.

99.99% uptime

Over 25 years ago, Merlin was originally built for newspaper publishing. While we’ve adapted and changed over time, the robustness, speed, and availability that these businesses required forms the backbone of our Digital Asset Management product today.

We value long-term relationships

The White House
World Vision
The New York Times
Mount Sinai Hospital

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