Digital Asset Management for Newspapers

Born from the most demanding content environment – news publishing.

Battle-tested for the most demanding newspapers in the world.

We were born in the media and news publishing environment and we know what it takes to build a fast and powerful DAM. We’ve served some of the largest newspapers in the world successfully for over 25 years. Our Digital Asset Management product – Merlin X – is now on it’s fifth major product release.

Many newspapers receive over 10,000 new digital objects every day, for both print and multimedia. They need a fast, robust system with powerful and intuitive tools to get their products out quickly. MerlinOne is the digital asset management system they depend on, no matter how tight the deadline, the quantity of assets or number of simultaneous users.

Faster, more efficient tools for news publishing

Photo management software

Merlin is designed for today’s digital asset rich publishing environments. Keep your print and multimedia assets in one place, share content across global departments or easily repackage content for new uses and revenue.

Video picture desk

Automatically transcribe text from video assets, making them easier to find. Search and find the right clips, go immediately to that part of the video, then edit and export clips directly from Merlin.

Manage assignments

Manage staff assignment requests, schedules, and resale and usage rights. A built-in contact database finds the right people for the job, then allows you to notify them immediately.

Electronic tearsheets

E-Sheets lets publishers provide on-line electronic tearsheets to their advertising customers as proof-of-publication.

Agencies and advertisers get fast confirmation, publishers save production labor, material and shipping costs, and managers confirm and approve payment.

Support for many formats

The Merlin Photo Management System supports metadata standards like IPTC and XMP and all common image formats, including support for RAW camera files.

99.99% uptime

With Merlin MSync, if the primary server hardware fails, the secondary server takes over and users continue working as if nothing has happened. The system is extremely fault tolerant. But what’s the best part about it?

You won’t ever notice it.

Electronic Tearsheets

Verify ad publication the same morning it is published

With a single login to view a nation-wide campaign, E-Sheets cuts the cost of a manual paper tearsheet process significantly. Agencies and advertisers get fast confirmation, publishers save production labor, material and shipping costs, and managers benefit from reduced time for payments.


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