47 Social Media Templates (& Bundles) You Can Actually Use

50 Social Media Templates (& Bundles) You Can Actually Use

Social media platforms are more than just a platform that connects friends and family across the miles. In a short time, social media networks have evolved into powerful spaces that allow brands to connect with and engage consumers. Studies have shown that the average American spends 15 more minutes browsing social media daily than they do watching television, a number that astute marketers everywhere have taken seriously. In fact, social media marketing budgets are set to double by 2023, a clear indicator that a) social media marketing is working and b) brands need a serious game plan to see a return on their investment. One of the most effective (and least expensive) ways to do this is by leveraging social media templates. These low-cost templates allow digital marketers to pop in key information about a brand, sometimes in seconds flat – extensive design skills not required.

Fortunately, the Internet is teeming with beautiful templates (some of which are entirely free!). Some are B2B-themed (media kits) and others are designed to go straight to consumers’ eyes via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more. But, most importantly, the best of the best are flexible and simple to use.

To keep the creative process flowing, smart companies implement a digital asset management solution to organize and manage their growing collection of social media templates, images, and other digital assets. Not only does a DAM help your graphic designers overcome common productivity challenges, but with a DAM solution like MerlinOne, your team can find the right social media templates and other assets they need in seconds, not hours. With automated workflows, approvals, access control, versioning, and tons of other powerful features, MerlinOne helps your team keep up with your social media calendar while maintaining a consistent brand voice across all your social distribution channels. Download our white paper, The Content Lifecycle, below to learn more about how MerlinOne can help you scale your content efforts and manage all your distribution channels with ease.

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To help you find high-quality social media templates you can start using today, we’ve rounded up 50 of the most functional, sleek, and stylish social media templates and bundles we could find. Note: The following 50 social media templates are listed alphabetically; they’re not ranked or rated in any way. 

1. NATURALIS Social Media Pack – 46&2

NATURALIS Social Media Pack - 46&2

This multi-purpose social media template pack by 46&2 includes everything you need to create a soft, clean, and ultra-sleek design to post to your favorite platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With over 32 neutral, yet smart design variations included, you are sure to have all of the tools you need to create images that reflect your brand’s identity. Note that these templates are made for InDesign and Photoshop, so you’ll need basic knowledge and corresponding software.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe, one of the leading names in design creation, provides all of the tools you need to create your own social media press kit using Adobe Spark. This free program features unique, professional-looking typography, thousands of pre-loaded images to choose from, and a wide array of customizable themes. To get an idea of what your press kit could look like, check out these examples.

3. Mega Bundle | Street Fashion – Amber Graphics

Mega Bundle | Street Fashion - Amber Graphics

This massive social media template pack by Amber Graphics evokes an edgy, hip vibe that serves as a perfect fit for forward-thinking fashion, music, and art-related brands. The bundle includes a whopping 74 templates to choose from, including a chic collection of posters, flyers, banners, documents, business cards, and other unique social media products. The product has been optimized and tested for Photoshop and supports JPG, EPS, and PDF files.

4. The Brand Magnet

The Brand Magnet

Jeni B. from Biz Mavens has designed a media kit template that is made to cover brands’ social media needs and beyond. The pack is built for bloggers and influencers who might not have the design chops to create a sleek, thorough kit on their own. Users can easily customize the template by switching up fonts, colors, photos, and logos to best reflect their brand’s image. Included in the Photoshop (PSD)-based template are easy-to-navigate layers, as well as tutorial videos to guide users through the entire process.

5. Free “Thank You” Templates – Brandpacks

Free "Thank You" Templates - Brandpacks

The marketing gurus at Brandpacks regularly release template kits geared towards fit a variety of industries. In its Free “Thank You” Templates kit, Brandpacks provides a colorful solution for brands looking to exhibit their identity on whatever platforms they choose. The templates are specifically for brands who want to thank their followers for sticking with them, a tactic that is popular among micro-influencers and global brands alike. The “Thank You” templates contain easy-to-edit PSD files, as well as scalable Illustrator Vector AI files.

6. Social Media Templates – Buffer

Social Media Templates - Buffer

The popular social media management tool, Buffer, allows non-members access to 15 of its most helpful social media templates for download straight from its website. Buffer boasts a wide array of templates pertinent to any social media marketer, including social media audits, reports, publishing schedules, tweet headline templates, visual templates, influencer marketing templates, and much more. As a bonus, Buffer even throws in a free Photoshop plug-in for creating ideal image sizes.

7. 50 Free Social Media Templates – CoSchedule

50 Free Social Media Templates - Coschedule

CoSchedule, the maker of the web’s premier agile marketing product toolkit, offers up a staggering 50 free social media templates to anyone who is willing to join its email list. After you download the handy .zip file, you can then reference the instructions on the CoSchedule Blog’s “50 Free Social Media Templates to Help You Get More Done” guide to ensure that you are making the most of each and every template.

8. Multipurpose Social Media Kit – Diego Sanchez

Multipurpose Social Media Kit - Diego Sanchez

Graphic designer, Diego Sanchez, has a created the Multipurpose Social Media kit, a compact, yet mighty template bundle that contains 8 ultra-modern designs for use on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The kit is made for bloggers and designers, whether they’re publishing a single post or an entire campaign. The tools also allow users to create promo images in just a few clicks and gives them free rein over style elements like font, color, and image placement.

9. Instagram Stories/IGTV Templates – Easil

Instagram Stories/IGTV Templates - Easil

Those struggling to create glitch-free and beautiful Instagram Stories/IGTV segments need look no further than Easil’s templates. The social media marketing company has developed dozens of different themes to fit the aesthetics of all different types of brands, from those who like the sleek and professional to those who go gravitate toward the colorful and loud. In addition to its Instagram Stories/IGTV templates, Easil also offers templates for Facebook adverts, Twitter images, and Facebook and Instagram posts.

10. 5423 Instagram Editable Quotes – Eviory

5423 Instagram Edible Quotes - Eviory

Marketers who aim to share inspiration with their followers need look no further than the 5423 Instagram Editable Quotes kit, a massive bundle of easy-to-edit PDF templates built for Instagram. Included in this specific pack are 220 editable deep quotes, 406 spiritual entrepreneur quotes, 715 Instagram daily social media quotes, 645 essential social media quotes, and 406 love and romance social media quotes. These templates allow brands to spark engagement and conversation quickly so that ‘likes’ and comments surge.

11. Free Media Kit Template – Food Bloggers Central

Free Media Kit Template - Food Bloggers Central

The Free Media Kit Template by Food Bloggers Central serves as a generous offering for food bloggers, food brands, and food service entities. The template doubles as a media kit, providing key engagement details, like audience demographics and follower/page view breakdowns, as well as an about section and a well-designed ‘tree’ of social media links. This template includes both Photoshop and Word formats.

12. Facebook Social Media Design Kit for Photoshop – Gareth David Studio

Facebook Social Media Design Kit for Photoshop - Gareth David Studio

This free template download by Gareth David Studio is a Facebook-only social media design kit for Photoshop. Though the template provides some flexibility when it comes to topic customization, it is specifically designed for brands in need of a Facebook fan page that stands out from the crowd. To make the most out of this free template, be sure to follow these step-by-step instructions.

13. Stylish Social Media Pack – GoaShape

Stylish Social Media Pack - GoaShape

GoaShape makes premium design templates that are built for seamless editing and complete ease-of-use. Its Stylish Social Media Pack is for brands selling goods in the fashion, device, or home design markets. Each of the 125 PSD file templates in the pack comes in five sizes so that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest posts, as well as Instagram Stories, are all uniquely optimized.

14. Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Kit – Golden Whimsy Studio

Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Kit - Golden Whimsy Studio

Golden Whimsy Studio’s Lifestyle Blogger Social Media Kit is packed with 40 files in three different flexible formats (square, horizontal, and vertical). Its soft, feminine colors make it perfect for lifestyle bloggers who regularly post mood boards, blog posts, giveaways, and more. Files are PSD, JPG, and PDF and are designed for use on Instagram (20 templates), Pinterest (10 templates), and Facebook (10 templates).

15. Blog Media Kit – Helene in Between

Blog Media Kit - Helene in Between 

Travel blogger and lifestyle guru, Helene in Between, has created a comprehensive media kit template which is built specifically for bloggers. With just a quick email list confirmation, readers get full access to the free template which features space for all vital information, including an intro, photos, services, statistics, and more. For even more guidance on the media kit creation process, read Helene in Between’s handy checklist.

16. 9 Social Media Templates – Hootsuite

9 Social Media Templates - Hootsuite

When it comes to social media support platforms, it doesn’t get much better than Hootsuite, a business that has built a reputation for supplying helpful tools to all kinds of social media users. In its blog post, “9 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work,” members and non-members alike are provided with links to nearly a dozen ultra-helpful templates that can be used to cover all of a brand’s bases, like strategy, audits, scheduling, media sizing, bios, bulk upload, and more. To sweeten the deal even more, every single template featured is free!

17. 10 Social Media Templates – HubSpot

10 Social Media Templates - HubSpot

HubSpot partnered with Sprout Social to craft 10 social media templates that, according to the brands, are built to “optimize your social media marketing efforts.” The pack features an array of templates that cover topics like scheduling, social auditing, expense tracking, content calendars, and budgets. These social media templates are available to download for free with a short survey and email signup.

18. Customizable Media Kit – Jenna Kutcher

Customizable Media Kit - Jenna Kutcher

A highly successful blogger and all-around social media success story, Jenna Kutcher reveals her secrets for what it takes to build a stellar social media profile with her Customizable Media Kit. The 7-page kit contains copy that is expertly-optimized to fit the lifestyle industry and even comes with a Vimeo video instruction guide for simple instruction. Note that this kit contains both Photoshop (PSD) and InDesign (INDD) files.

19. Free Influencer Media Kit Template – Later

Free Influencer Media Kit Template - Later

This kit by social media marketing strategy firm, Later, contains everything an influencer would need to pitch and/or exhibit their brand. The Photoshop-based template is easy-to-use, completely customizable, and even comes with a handy how-to guide for fast results. Later is offering this kit for free to users who provide their email address and complete a quick survey.

20. Facebook Mockups + Elements – Lush Digital

Facebook Mockups + Elements - Lush Digital

With its Facebook Mockups + Elements social media templates, Lush Digital promises to “make it easy to visualize all of your social media posts, marketing campaigns and more – before they go live.” The pack contains 33 elements in .sketch, .psd, and .ai, as well as 33 additional .psd Smart Objects mock-ups. The mockups and elements are specifically made to fit the technical needs of designers, freelancers, digital marketers, and more. For more information, check out Lush Digital’s free demo.

21. Instagram Stories Template – Maria Brilkova

Instagram Stories Template - Maria Brilkova

This Instagram Stories template set created by graphic designer Maria Brilkova features bright colors, unique frames, and plenty of options for simple text addition. It can be added to your Dropbox with a simple click of the button and, as of now, it is completely free to use.

22. Golden Social Media Pack for Canva and PPT – Marigold Studios

Golden Social Media Pack for Canva - Marigold Studios

Created by the design gurus at Marigold Studios, the Golden Social Media Pack for Canva and PPT is a comprehensive bundle specifically built for those working in the beauty and lifestyle industries, such as fashion bloggers and brands, stylists, beauticians, and more. Both PPT and Canva files are included and both are made to fit Instagram Stories, as well as Pinterest posts. Templates also work well for Facebook and Twitter; for more information, check out Marigold Studios’ handy instructional guide which comes free with a download of the pack.

23. Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Checklist – Marketing for the Modern Nonprofit

Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Checklist - Marketing for the Modern Nonprofit

Social media marketing isn’t just for big brands and lifestyle bloggers – nonprofits can also reap the benefits of this special global exposure, too. Marketing for the Modern Nonprofit gives leaders and marketers in the space real-world guidance on how to make the most of engagement across platforms. Its Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit Checklist is not so much of a template as it is a guide, but we’ve included it because its points are so thorough that a template could easily be built by simply following the instructions.

24. Free Media Kit Template – Melyssa Griffin

Free Media Kit Template - Melyssa Griffin

Social media expert Melyssa Griffin has created a media kit template that is free to download with just a quick email list signup. The kit is specifically geared towards bloggers who are hoping to expand their presence in the crowded lifestyle space. In addition to this free resource. Griffin has also published a supplemental guide that serves as a primer for her handy template.

25. Social Media Templates – Monday

Social Media Templates - Monday

Monday users are blessed with a generous 100+ pre-made templates to fit virtually any and all social media plan. All prospective users need to do is enter their work email and, voilà, Monday sends them access to a list of the most in-demand templates, from scheduling, to media kits, and beyond. From there, brands have the option to use these templates in conjunction with Monday’s workflow to add tasks, assign priority, execute plans, and much more.

Your digital asset library is overflowing with social media templates, logos, PDFs, and other digital assets. If you’re looking to build a business case to bring a DAM on board at your organization, download our white paper, The Business Case for DAM, to learn how to create a compelling business case your team simply can’t resist.

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26. Social Media Kit – Motion-Box

Social Media Kit - Motion-Box

The brilliant design team at Motion-Box have created a stunning After Effects animated template to help brands build the most innovative social media videos possible. Most brands make use of the templates to create memorable 10 and 20-second intros, but this ultra-customizable kit can be used to spruce up virtually any piece of video content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

27. The Travel Blogger Highlights Pack – My Boutique Themes

The Travel Blogger Highlights Pack - My Boutique Themes

Tailor-made for the avid traveler-turned-blogger, the Travel Blogger Highlights Pack consists of handwritten story icons that add information and personality to social media posts. There are more than 260 image files to choose from, falling within four different categories: Dream Destinations, Cities, Travel Hashtags, and Blogger & Influencer Icons. Even better, these PNG images can be easily customized with your very own styling/branding elements in Photoshop, Canva, or any other similar programs.

28. Colorful Social Media Designs – NordWood

Colorful Social Media Designs - NordWood

Brands who love to communicate using the brightest and boldest Pantone has to offer are sure to fall in love with NordWood’s Colorful Social Media Designs. This flexible pack supports JPG, PDF, and PSD files, and its templates can be seamlessly added to all types of blogs and websites, as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts. Included in this pack are 25 square Photoshop files (1080 x 1080px), 25 .jpeg files for preview, customizable layers, fonts, colors, and elements, and a PDF tutorial.

29. Social Media Templates – Placeit

Social Media Templates - Placeit

Online design generator service, Placeit, offers a range of social media apps that are available for download and can be easily added right to your browser. Placeit is a particularly good choice for brands who don’t have the time or resources required to edit templates in programs like Photoshop or Canva; with Placeit, users can begin making these templates on their own, all on the app. The service is currently offering Instagram Image Templates, Facebook Images Templates, Twitter Images Templates, and Pinterest Pin Templates.

30. ANIMATED Minimalist Instagram Posts – Ruby&Heart Studio

ANIMATED Minimalist Instagram Posts - Ruby&Heart Studio

Ruby&Heart Studio’s ANIMATED Minimalist Instagram Posts is a pack that allows brands to create stunning clips, ads, and intros that are sure to capture attention and drive engagement. The pack supports PSD, JPG, and PDF files and only requires Photoshop CS6 or higher to run. To test-drive this unique template pack, download the trial here.

31. 12 Free Social Media Templates – ShortStack

12 Free Social Media Templates - Shortstack

A digital marketing platform, ShortStack is known for providing some of the best Internet templates around. In its post, “12 Free Social Media Templates for 2018 That’ll Get Your Mojo Working,” we’re graced with a generous dozen of its top-notch offerings that are built to fit the needs of practically any brand. Included in the post are links to 4 social media profile templates, 5 blog post templates, and 3 ebook templates. For more information on ShortStack’s other specialized templates, click here.

32. Free Canva Media Kit Template – The Side Blogger

Free Canva Media Kit Template - The Side Blogger

Maliha Mannan of the Side Blogger penned a brilliant post on the ins and outs of media kits, which is specifically written for those working to build and foster their social media presences. In addition to this comprehensive how-to, the blogger also includes a free media kit template that features two pages of beautiful iconography and an ultra-sleek design. The template is completely free for those who sign up for the Side Blogger email list.

33. Free Media Kit Template – Simplifying DIY Design

Free Media Kit Template - Simplifying DIY Design

Blogger and social media educator, Kara from Simplifying DIY Design published an informative post on the subject of media kits – specifically how brands who rely heavily on social media engagement can best assemble them. In addition to the guide, Simplifying DIY Design also offers a free glossy and beautiful media kit template for those who sign up for the site’s email list.

34. Social Media Templates Sketch Resource – Sketch App Sources

Social Media Templates Sketch Resource - Sketch App Sources

The good folks at Sketch App Sources provide dozens of free social media templates that are designed specifically for use in Sketch. This pack includes templates to support Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages, all based on sizes collected by the experts at Sprout Social. For even more targeted templates, check out Sketch App Source’s Airbnb Landing Page Resource and the Minimal Music Player.

35. Blogger Media Kit Template – StephanieDesign

Blogger Media Kit Template - StephanieDesign

StephanieDesign offers a unique template that is specifically made for brands whose focus is social media engagement. The two-page media kit download comes in three formats – MS Word, .indd, and .psd and edits seamlessly across platforms. Though categories and text are completely interchangeable, the template does include all of the basics, like key facts, statistics, and social links.

36. Lifestyle Social Media Pack – Studio Standard

Lifestyle Social Media Pack - Studio Standard

Studio Standard’s Lifestyle Social Media Pack is designed with muted, classic colors that evoke simplicity and sleekness. All 15 easy-to-edit files are optimized for Photoshop and come equipped with fully-customizable social media headers. The comprehensive pack consists of a number of design elements including an inspirational quote, Polaroids, a mailing list link, an ebook icon, collaboration signals, and social links.

37. Social Media Kit.33 – Surotype

Social Media Kit.33 - Surotype

Social media Kit.33 by Surotype is a compact offering that includes virtually everything you need to give your accounts a bright, colorful makeover. Included in the set are 6 different square layouts that are specifically designed for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms. All files can be easily edited in Adobe Illustrator.

38. Health & Fitness Social Media Kit – The Swiss Design Co

Health & Fitness Social Media Kit - The Swiss Design Co

The Swiss Design Co has created a social media kit that is tailored to the needs of the health and fitness brand and influencer communities. The kit includes 20 fundamental multipurpose Photoshop templates with Instagram and Facebook variants included. Users get 20 fully customizable Photoshop files, free fonts, and the capability to replace images quickly via Smart Objects. This kit is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC.

39. Light Instagram Bundle – Swiss_cube

Light Instagram Bundle - Swiss_cube

Swiss_cube has designed an Instagram bundle that is just as comprehensive as it is compact. The kit includes 75 Photoshop templates, a host of unique free fonts, and a handy PDF help file. Though these templates are designed specifically for use on Instagram, they can also be optimized to fit other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Note that you’ll need Adobe Photoshop CC / CS or Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer to use these Instagram templates.

40. Free Profesional Media Kit Template – Template.net

Free Profesional Media Kit Template - Template.net

Template.net offers a simple-to-edit, entirely free media kit template that fits well for any brands working in the social media space. The one-page template allows users to add all relevant information about their brand including social media link trees, engagement stats, and much more. This template can be edited in either Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

41. One-Page Clean Media Kit – TwelveSkip

One-Page Clean Media Kit - TwelveSkip

TwelveSkip offers its One-Page Clean Media Kit, a streamlined template that is built for those working predominately in social media. Although the template is highly-customizable, it already includes sections that any brand would want to keep, including follower/engagement statistics, brand partnerships. and a service breakdown. This template can be easily edited in MS Word and doesn’t require any specialized design software to use.

42. Human Social Pack – UI8

Human Social Pack - UI8

The Human Social Pack by UI8 is an ultra-chic and clean social media template that is flexible enough to be used on nearly any platform. With its simple fonts and neutral colors, the overall design is a good fit for a variety of professionals working in the space, including lifestyle bloggers, fashion brands, creative businesses, and more. This template pack is built to be used and edited in Photoshop.

43. Styled Social Media Kit – UI8

Styled Social Media Kit - UI8

Another popular template offering from UI8 is the Styled Social Media Kit, an ultra-colorful choice for brands, bloggers, and influencers with hip, youthful followings. The kit comes with 40 customizable and editable social media headers paired with 15 Instagram Stories templates. The Styled Social Media Kit is compatible with Photoshop.

44. Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 8) – uispot

Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 8) - Envato Elements

Brands and influencers searching for modern and ultra-feminine layouts and icons for their pages need look no further than uispot’s Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 8). The kit comes with a generous 10 fully-editable template files that can be easily customized right in Photoshop. This template is a perfect fit for lifestyle, fashion, and travel bloggers.

45. Uno Social Media Templates

Uno Social Media Templates - BazicLab

These ultra-polished social media templates by BazicLab are here to add some “sweetness” (as the author like to put it) into your account. The kit comes with 8 Photoshop-ready templates that are designed with Facebook and Instagram in mind. From images to fonts to iconography, virtually all elements are customizable on the Uno Social Media Templates.

46. Social Media Quote Creator – Web Donut

Social Media Quote Creator - Web Donut

Built to fit the needs of busy bloggers, marketers, and designers, the Social Media Quote Creator by Web Donut comes with 200 ready-to-use quotes that are made to spark engagement. Included in this kit are free Google fonts, free CCO images, a social media cheat sheet, and even a handy video tutorial. To peruse the quote and elements categories, check out Web Donut’s product breakdown.

47. Media Kit Template and Examples – Xtensio

Media Kit Template and Examples - Xtensio

Last but certainly not least is the Media Kit Template from Xtensio, a generalized press kit that is made for big brands but can easily be co-opted by smaller players working in the social media space. This template is built for collaboration within a team and includes all vital brand information such as links, follower count, engagement statistics, and more.

On social media, timing is everything, but even with the help of templates, your social media project workflows are complex. Juggling a variety of brand assets, social media templates, and other collateral can quickly overwhelm even the most organized creative team, leading to missed deadlines and missed opportunities. Download our white paper, 5 Ways a DAM Helps your Team Meet Deadlines, to learn how MerlinOne can keep your creative team on-track.

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