Everyone has old versions of their assets in a DAM:

  • the old company logo
  • the less-than-perfect product shots
  • documents showing a product name that was later changed before release
  • that photo of the CEO from the wrong angle

Or, how about this scenario: an object worked on by a collaborative team ended up going through 5 revisions, and another team needs the latest one in a hurry. Also, did legal view the final one, or did they only approve an early version? And what about product “X,” when we learned that its name violated a copyright, so we had to re-shoot the pictures with its new name product “Y.” Which version did the ad agency grab for their video spot?

You can imagine how eyeballs, and perhaps heads, may roll if any of the above questions cannot be accurately answered. Possible outcomes might include: lawsuits, lost time, missed deadlines, the impact of rework, and an irritated CEO.

Avoiding these outcomes is exactly why version control in a DAM is so important.