“To all the folks at MerlinOne, I want to express our deepest thanks for being a major partner with World Vision. The images that we store and distribute via MerlinOne have been used to provide help for many people around the world during disasters and for our marketing campaigns.” -John Leckie, World Vision

“Not only is MerlinX easy to use, but MerlinOne’s customer support team is outstanding.” -Alex V. Cabal, Make-A-Wish

“We are absolutely thrilled with this product. It has not only made it so much easier for us to store and quickly retrieve our images, it has also cut down on some animosity amongst staff. We couldn’t be happier.” -Jeff Jones, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“The MerlinAI facial recognition feature has been a huge time and money saver for our agency. The tagging system is easy to use and again, it saves me so much time not having to go through every picture in the database. Merlin has been super easy. Support has been tremendous, both from the sales staff and from the support staff. We couldn’t be happier.” -Bart Vleugels, Oklahoma Department of Transportation