Check out this video on how to configure your Merlin so you can share DAM assets with external users, agencies and customers safely and efficiently.

Things to Know

Sharing digital asset management (DAM) assets with external users, such as clients or partners, can be a useful way to collaborate and exchange information. However, it is important to do so safely and securely to protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of the DAM system. Here are some tips for sharing DAM assets with external users safely:

  1. Limit access: Only provide access to the specific assets that the external user needs to access, rather than providing access to the entire DAM system. This limits the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of assets.
  2. Use secure sharing methods: When sharing assets, use secure sharing methods such as password-protected links or secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) to ensure that the assets are only accessible to authorized users.
  3. Track usage: Use tracking tools to monitor who is accessing the assets and how they are being used. This can help detect any potential misuse or unauthorized access.
  4. Set expiration dates: Set expiration dates for shared assets to ensure that external users do not have access to them indefinitely. This can help prevent unauthorized access and limit the risk of data breaches.
  5. Educate users: Provide education and training to external users on the importance of data security and how to properly use and protect the shared assets.

By following these tips, organizations can safely and securely share DAM assets with external users, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and the integrity of the DAM system is maintained.