Many companies find that teams who are tasked with creative execution are often wasting many precious hours trying to find, organize, manage and get their content approved by the appropriate stakeholders. Really, their content management process is no longer working for them as they’re wasting company time and resources struggling to stay on top of their workflow. Making the realization that a DAM could solve many day-to-day hurdles of your creative and production teams can surely be an “Aha!” moment for leaders in your organization. However, before going on a DAM party brigade, it’s important to take a step back and conduct the right due diligence before that “Aha” moment results in an “Uh Oh” outcome.

Even before starting your DAM evaluation and implementation journey, ask yourself these eleven questions to help you determine what problems you’re trying to solve and what you actually need before committing significant time, energy and money. The point here is you want to make sure you select the right solution to meet your objectives. Once you answer the below questions yourself, you can then incorporate them into discussions as you start evaluating vendor options.

The first few questions should be considered as you’re beginning your DAM selection process. These questions are set to help guide you while also assessing what type of features and capabilities you need in a DAM system – essentially, what are must haves, what are nice to haves and what are the things you could potentially live without.