MerlinOne Unleashes Merlin Workflow, “The Icing on the Cake”

Quincy, MA, May 5- MerlinOne, the leading provider of Digital Asset Management solutions for hosted or licensed use, announces Merlin Workflow, a dramatic new way to leverage the power of Merlin Digital Asset Management to massively reduce human workload.

“Last year we started working on the somewhat abstract concept of a ’Workflow Engine’ as a way to layer real intelligence on top of a DAM: to make the DAM not just be smart about finding things, but also be smart about plugging the right digital object, in the right format and size, straight into your workflow and save you a lot of time and mouse clicks,” said David Tenenbaum, MerlinOne CEO. “After a bunch of hard work that concept is now a reality and the Merlin Workflow engine is done. While we are just starting to enable specific features, we are already blown away by how Merlin Workflow is going to have a huge positive impact on how people do their jobs. If a great DAM is the cake, this is the icing that goes on top!”

With Merlin Workflow:

  • Empower your users with self-service tools
  • Expand collaboration capabilities
  • Enforce business rules
  • Automate multi-channel distribution

“Your workflows are infinite, limited only by your imagination,” according to David Breslauer, MerlinOne’s resident workflow expert.

Enforce rights management rules by preventing use of content with specified publishing channels, automatically! Export content automatically: resized, watermarked and passed to different destinations (including externally shared places like Dropbox or FTP sites) with revised, destination-specific metadata using the building blocks of Merlin Workflow.

Merlin is a complete digital asset management solution that allows users to organize millions of photos, graphics, videos and other multimedia files using fast, precise searching with easy and flexible workflows. Merlin’s industry leading video search technology allows users to actually search for words spoken in the audio tracks.

About MerlinOne -MerlinOne, Inc. is a trusted digital asset management expert. The Merlin picture desk / digital asset management solution clients include The White House, Pfizer, Harvard Business School, NPR, The Humane Society, The New York Times and New York Power Authority.

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