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Digital Asset Management; your single source of truth

Unlike simple storage, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a centralized content repository connected to a powerful search database; a “single source of truth” to instantly retrieve any object or related objects based on descriptive metadata terms (subject, date range, creator, or keywords). Spend more time creating and less time looking with Merlin.

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Protect and manage your corporate identity

MerlinOne unifies brand guidance with approved brand assets, access controls, rights management, permissions and versioning, ensuring that everyone with a hand in representing your brand contributes to its success.

MerlinOne’s integration with Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal), and Customer Relationship Management ( take care of making your product look world class on digital shelves.

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Collaborate and communicate throughout your content lifecycle

We took our experience as photographers, journalists and filmmakers to build you seamless processes that increase transparency, align your team and ramp up productivity.

Workflow is built specifically to enhance the creative workflow – that means it focuses on assets, adapts to the way your team works, automates approval paths and makes review and markups simple for designers and non designers alike.

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Get your content to market faster with automated workflows

Complex, labor intensive tasks, like converting files to multiple formats, and/or adding watermarks, are now made easy by a single mouse click providing consistent dependable processes. With a variety of supported standard and customized workflows, work more efficiently and be assured the job is done right, properly delivered and on time.


World Class Security & Availability



We know that security is a concern, and not just for healthcare organizations. That’s why we worked hard and achieved HIPAA/HITECH compliance.


Why does this matter? A security breach or excessive activity from any customer on a multi-tenant server negatively affects everyone.


Flexible Deployment

You choose the deployment configuration that works for you: Single tenant SaaS, On-Prem or Cloud.

Fault Tolerant

MerlinOne is trusted by the world’s most iconic brands because we offer the most advanced mission critical architecture in the industry – 99.99% availability, we guarantee it.

Fanatical Product Support

“We are absolutely thrilled with this product. We couldn't be happier.”

- Jeff Jones, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

“To all the folks at MerlinOne… I want to express our deepest thanks for being a major partner with World Vision.”

- John Leckie, World Vision International

“ I wanted to thank you, and the entire team at MerlinOne, for all of your continued support of our partnership this past year.”

- Leigh Montgomery, The Christian Science Monitor

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