Not-For-Profit Research Organization Selects Merlin Digital Asset Management Copy

Image of a definition of R&D on MerlinOne's website

BRAINTREE, MA (Feb. 1, 2022) — A not-for-profit research organization that does technology research and development for the U.S. government has selected Merlin digital asset management (DAM) solution to manage and safeguard their multimedia digital content.  Security of content is paramount and the Merlin solution will be deployed in their datacenter.

Through the implementation and use of a Merlin digital asset management solution, internal challenges around content management and efficient asset global distribution will be solved for the organization. The organization’s purchase includes Merlin’s AI suite: Facial Recognition AI, Visual Similarity AI searching, and Impact! virtual photo editor.

Merlin DAM will help the organization track down assets that now take hours to find and is prone to human error as well as ensure the selected assets have approval for publication.

Merlin provides users with a powerful, flexible, and intuitive solutions. Our DAM software provides fast and effective storage, indexing, searching, editing, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets both internally and externally. We offer tools for access controls to ensure the right users see the right content. Our goal is to make sure users have access to the right tools for their task. The enterprise Merlin digital asset management solution is shared by several departments and divisions. Each has access to its respective content, allowing for unique, personalized DAM experiences for each group, their specific use case, and assets.

MerlinOne, Inc., is based in Braintree, MA. We have been a leading DAM technology innovator and vendor of high-performance, highly scalable, mission-critical digital asset management solutions for business for nearly 30 years. Merlin digital asset management is offered in a SaaS or on-premises model.