Nonprofit Healthcare Organization in Hawaii Has Selected Merlin Compliance

Image of a group of medical professionals smiling and cheering on MerlinOne's website

BRAINTREE, MA (Dec. 2nd) — A large private nonprofit health care organization in Hawaii, has selected Merlin Complaince for their HIPPA-complaint digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Headquartered in Honolulu, the healthcare organization provides preventive and specialty health care services from several hospitals and numerouis preventive, specialty health care locations and labs throughout the Pacific region.

To enhance asset discoverability and improve search results, they have selected MerlinOne’s AI Suite solutions including NOMAD™ for images, Facial Recognition AI, Visual Similarity AI, and IMPACT! AI.

Merlin provides users with a powerful, flexible, and intuitive solution for fast and effective centralized storage, indexing, searching, editing, retrieval, and distribution of digital assets internally and externally. The Merlin DAM offers tools for access controls to ensure the right users see the right content and access the right tools for their task.