Pure visual search

No Metadata? No problem. NOMAD knows.

Until now, the only way to find objects in your DAM system was by searching the text that someone attached to them: but the #1 problem with DAMs today is the scarcity of good metadata, and even then you need to use the exact right search terms. If you are limited to text search, a lot of your objects remain undiscoverable.

That just changed: with NOMAD™ we remove that limitation and you get the ability to search by visually describing what you want to see in the image: a purely visual search, no text involved. NOMAD™ (No MetAData) is exclusive to MerlinOne, and is the result of 3 years of in-house advanced AI effort. This is search, reimagined.

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NOMAD knows. Simple as that.

Adds value to your current collection. Since NOMADTM does not rely on metadata, previously undiscoverable assets now become immediately discoverable.

Provides a faster path to ROI. The success of your DAM is no longer tied directly to the quality and completeness of your metadata. You can start finding what you need as soon as the images are in the system.

No training is required. You no longer need to have expertise in specialized search techniques or be able to compile complex search queries using exact or specific words to find what you’re looking for.

Saves time. With NOMADTM, you can spend less time tagging your images to get relevant search results, allowing your team to focus their valuable time putting your content to work for you.

Double your DAM Productivity. Combined with other MerlinAI tools such as IMPACT and Visual Similarity, NOMADTM provides even more powerful search capabilities that you can put to work in your AI-powered toolbox.

Exclusively from MerlinOne. This was totally researched, developed, tested, fine-tuned, and deployed in-house, and is a necessary tool available to you nowhere else.

Search for: “Sunny Day”

Visual search: Search with your mind, not your metadata.