Pure visual search

Imagine being able to search a collection of millions of images with poor, limited, or even no metadata and get exactly what you want—the first time. 

Well, now you can. 

With NOMAD™ AI-powered Visual Search, previously undiscoverable images can easily be found. NOMAD™ eliminates the dependency on a controlled vocabulary by employing AI language pattern matches to your query. That means fewer hours spent developing a meticulously curated taxonomy and then users having to guess that descriptive metadata to get relevant search results.

Whether your collection contains photos, illustrations, and even video, you can search with confidence knowing that if it’s there, NOMAD™ will find it.


Why get NOMAD™ for images?

Adds value to your collection. Since NOMAD™ does not rely on existing metadata, previously undiscoverable assets now become immediately discoverable.

Provides a faster path to ROI. The success of your DAM is no longer tied directly to the quality and completeness of your metadata. Users can start finding what they need as soon as the images are there.

No training required. You no longer need to have expertise in specialized search techniques or be able to compile complex search queries using exact words or phrases to find what you’re looking for.

Saves time. With NOMAD, you can spend less time tagging your images to get relevant search results, and more time putting your content to work for you.

Helps increase productivity. Combined with other MerlinOne AI tools such as Visual Similarity and IMPACT, NOMAD™ provides even more powerful search capabilities that you can put to work in your AI-powered toolbox.

Search for: “Sunny Day”

MerlinOne NOMAD™ digital asset management search results for a sunny day on laptop

NOMAD™ works with any digital asset management platform

NOMAD™ for Images is not only a valuable enhancement for our Merlin digital asset management solution, but it’s also available as-a-service to improve the search and discoverability of any DAM or MAM.

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