This is search, reimagined

Until now, the only way to find images and videos in your digital asset management system was by searching the text that someone attached to them. But, as we all know, the biggest problem with DAMs today is the scarcity of good metadata. 

That just changed.

Meet NOMAD™, MerlinOne’s transformative AI visual search technology that allows you to search your DAM by simply describing what you’re looking for: a purely visual search, with no dependence on textual metadata.

Wait…what? No metadata?

That’s right. With NOMAD™ we’ve created an all-new search approach that delivers superior results based solely on the visual content of an image or video. Now you can describe a scene visually and NOMAD™ not only recognizes the objects, actions, and even emotions that you specify, but also comprehends your search concept and delivers precise results.

NOMAD™ is NOT autotagging, a technology that still forces your users to guess what terms were used to describe an image or video (with no understanding of concepts or natural language).

NOMAD™ is simple and easy to use 

Having already been trained against more than a billion high-quality images and illustrations, NOMAD™ is ready to go as soon as you are. There’s no additional tagging, training, or search expertise required.

If it’s there, NOMAD™ will find it.

Put NOMAD™ to work for you

Whether you’re a MerlinOne customer using our Merlin digital asset management solution or you’re already well-established with your own DAM or MAM, you can begin using any of NOMAD’s powerful search capabilities right away.

  • NOMAD™ Visual Search for Images - With NOMAD™ AI-powered search, images with little or even no metadata are immediately discoverable by simply describing them.
  • NOMAD™ Visual Search for Video – The same purely visual search technology we developed for images works just as well for video. Just describe a scene with natural language and NOMAD™ for Video will instantly locate all the videos in your collection that match your query and take you to the exact clip for playback.
  • NOMAD™-as-a-Service – NOMAD’s revolutionary visual search capabilities for images and for videos are also available as-a-service to improve the search and discoverability of any DAM or MAM.

Want to see what’s under the hood?