MerlinOne vs. Canto Flight

A side-by-side comparison

MerlinOne DAM

MerlinOne Digital Asset Management solution gives users a sophisticated, but user-friendly set of tools to allow them to more effectively organize, manage, edit, share and distribute content. Offering multi-dimensional taxonomy, metadata, and keyword tagging capabilities gives teams more context and governance to their stored digital and brand assets.

Focused on the ins-and-outs of content creation, MerlinOne extends brand logistics to empower marketers and creatives to be more organized and productive in their tasks and to tell better stories through the content they create.

Year Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Greater Boston Area

Canto Flight DAM

Canto Flights is a SaaS Digital Asset Management solution. The system allows you to ingest, download and organize your files and includes media finding tools such as search, tagging, filtering, folders, albums, previews, keywords, commenting and so forth. Flight includes lite collaboration capabilities for teammates to better communicate and create simple workflows.

Year Founded: 1990
Headquarters: San Francisco

Not all DAMs are the same.

A standard cloud DAM like Canto Flight might be an option for users who don’t need:

  • To store large files
  • Super advanced functionality
  • Diverse file management requirements
  • Custom development
  • Robust metadata management
  • Support complicated end-to-end workflows
  • Granular permission needs

MerlinOne, on-the-other-hand, is a robust DAM system that provides flexibility, configurability, top-notch functionality and optimal performance to its users. With Merlin, file and folder organization is made easier and its permission capabilities and approval process control takes content management to the next level.

“Without Merlin, the team would be stumbling along, trying to remember who saved what assets and where. I honestly don’t think we’d be as streamlined and as swift of an operation as we are today if we didn’t have Merlin as part of our production process…It truly has transformed the way we work.”

Coburn Dukehart, Digital & Multimedia Director, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

How Each Option Stacks Up Against the Other


Canto Flight


24-Hour phone support

(potential off hr support costs)

Online support

Knowledge Base


Free trial available

No credit card required

Subscription based


Custom Login Screen

Custom Interface

Basic/Mobile Interface for Quick Access

Drag & Drop Brand Portal



Unlimited User Accounts

Single Sign-On

User Activity Permissions

Complex Permission Access

Automatic Notifications


Client Portal

Real Time Analytics


Asset Preview Capability

Centralized Taxonomy


Google Image Auto-Tagging


Facial Recognition with Auto-Tagging

Version Control


Document Approval

Document Review

Approval Workflows

Custom Workflows

Embedded Metadata & Metadata Indexing

Asset Star Rating by User

Image Similarity (Powered by AI)

Unique ID Codes

Multiple Display Modes

Usage History

Keyword List Export


File Conversion & Cropping


Batch Uploading & Batch Editing

Rights Management

Video & Audio Transcoding with Time Code Indexing

Personal Collections

Activity Level Permissions


Data Import/Export

File-type Conversions


Image Library

Multimedia Support


Advanced Search for Metadata


Advanced Filtering


Custom Search Result Sorting


Full Text Search with Documentation

Saved Private & Shared Search


Sharing Individual Assets & Collections via Email

Auto-Generated Asset Links

File Request


File Transfer


Collaborative Workspace





Biometric Sensor Datacenter

Fault Tolerance, Disaster Relief & Backup

Cloud Deployment (AWS, Alibaba, or private managed cloud)

Only AWS

On-Prem Deployment

Tiered Storage


Open API




Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Don’t Let Your Content Control You, Control Your Content

Though MerlinOne is way more than just DAM software. Your challenges are our challenges and we are invested in your success for the long haul.

  • Complimentary Onboarding, Strategy Development & Launch Support
    Our fabulous team of onboarding and customer success specialists will be there to help jumpstart your DAM strategy, manage expectations and deadlines, help you migrate any legacy data over to the system, and help start training your admins.
  • Education & Training Through Merlin University
    Whether you’re new to Merlin or need to brush up on product how-to’s down-the-road, Merlin University is a great resource to help your users better understand the product. Become certified in Merlin or use the Merlin product content library for an array of product tutorials, taped webinars, product guides, strategy eBooks and more to help you grow your DAM skills.
  • Unmatched 24/7 Product Support
    If you have a question about our software or need assistance in any way, a MerlinOne representative is always available to take your call day or night.

Merlin DAM makes every marketer, creative, brand manager, photographer, videographer, project manager, or digital archivist’s job easier.

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