MerlinOne Releases MerlinXpress: The DAM Designed for Small Teams with Big Content Goals

MerlinXpress interface on desktop computer image on MerlinOne's website

MerlinXpress is the single source of truth for all digital assets; improving collaboration and streamlining creative workflows to enhance marketing agility and brand management. With three available tiers of service and numerous options for add-ons depending on particular needs, this fully-responsive DAM scales to meet the ever-changing needs of any team, and is able to grow with any content library. Tools such as asset categorization, metadata management, unlimited user accounts, access controls and user permissions, image cropping, file format conversion, automatic text extraction, and many more make MerlinXpress an ideal choice for teams looking to refresh and improve current content management processes.

Content management isn’t limited to organizing and archiving assets in an intuitive way; MerlinXpress offers multiple plugins to seamlessly utilize content across all of your platforms. MerlinXpress is the ideal digital asset management solution for teams who are looking to invest in a digital asset management product that has the ability to scale with any content library and will help meet the overall goals of their business.

MerlinOne, Inc., is a trusted provider of digital asset management solutions to organizations large and small since 1992. MerlinOne helps clients solve problems with organizing, searching, collaborating, distributing, and sharing digital assets. Whether the need is content-focused, innovative AI-focused, or security focused, MerlinOne is a proven digital asset management expert with DAM offerings customizable to fit the needs of any company.