MerlinOne Awarded “Rising Star” in DAM Report

Top Performer

Quincy, MA Feb 23- MerlinOne was awarded rising star honors in’s recently released 2018 Spring Digital Asset Management Software Customer Success Report. The report gives DAM purchasers better insight on which Digital Asset Management software would work best for their business according to real customer references.

Rising Stars are defined as vendors that understand where the market is going and have disruptive technology. Rising Stars have been around long enough to establish momentum and a growing social presence.

“We are pleased at the report’s recognition of Merlin as the disruptive up and coming system. Our great team is aggressive at bringing new technologies to reduce human workload and empower our users to do a great job with less pain. We listen to our customers’ pain points and that dictates where we take the product. And our customer support is world class: we are always there for our users 24×7.” commented David Tenenbaum, MerlinOne CEO.

Merlin delivers sub-second searching, and can even search the spoken word to help users locate clips or frames within video and audio content  plus we offer advanced video editing within a browser. Merlin’s use of AI helps customers with the burden of tagging new or legacy images. Merlin offers a workflow engine that can automate any task, making repetitive tasks easier, and we integrate with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, Drupal, and other CMS systems. Whatever your vision of your DAM needs, we are there for you and will grow with you into the future.

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