Folha de S. Paulo Installs MerlinOne for Picture Desk and Archive

Quincy, MA, February 9, 2011 – Folha de S. Paulo, Brazil’s largest circulation newspaper, published in São Paulo, has installed the Merlin digital asset management system to handle its photo, published pages and graphic archiving needs. The Trax assignment management system will be used to manage photo, and graphic assignments.
Merlin also manages all wire and local images for daily production. This provides the staff with a single centralized location for all of its data.

The multi-user, cross-platform Merlin system allows anyone at Macintosh™ or Windows™ workstations to search and retrieve images and graphics for production or reference in seconds. Merlin Webmaster makes images in Merlin available to anyone with a web browser and appropriate access permission.

Merlin also serves as Folha de S. Paulo’s picture desk, taking in live feeds from picture agencies as well as input of locally scanned and digital images from Folha’s photo staff. Once in Merlin, librarians, photographers and editors can select images to remain permanently and then allow Merlin’s user-defined auto-purge cycle to delete images not needed for long-term archival storage.

Folha de S. Paulo flows published PDF pages to Merlin automatically from its Jazbox front-end system. Once in Merlin, PDF pages are automatically linked to the accompanying photo(s) and/or graphic(s). Pictures published with Jazbox have the publication data automatically sent to the Merlin digital asset management system.

MerlinOne has provided import filters so that Folha’s legacy photos and assignments were flowed into Merlin and Trax. The newsroom and library staff has instant browser and client access to the integrated archive.

About Folha de S. Paulo – Folha de S. Paulo is the largest circulation newspaper in Brazil. The newspaper has been under the sole ownership of the Brazilian Frias de Oliveira family since 1962.

About MerlinOne – MerlinOne, Inc. is a leading provider of digital asset management systems.  The Merlin picture desk / digital asset management solution has over 150 major installations including The White House, Pfizer, Harvard Business School, NPR, The Humane Society, The New York Times and USA Today. MerlinOne technology helps companies manage photos, text, graphics, PDFs, and multimedia.

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