Merlin Basic Debuts at the Henry Stewart DAM Conference

Quincy, MA, May 1–Recognizing that the growing population of DAM users falls into two categories, casual users and power users,  MerlinOne has spent the last 10 months designing Basic,  a streamlined, modern UI for casual users. Basic’s mission is to allow occasional users to get their content from the DAM quickly, and be so intuitive no training is necessary. Basic, which will debut at the Henry Stewart DAM show in New York May 3- 4, complements our MX power user interface.

Merlin Basic makes heavy use of “progressive reveal”, where rather than confronting users with big menus with lots of choices, Basic only shows the choices relevant to what the user is doing at that moment. Through focus groups across multiple industries, the interface has been honed to let any user get their job done even if they have no previous experience with a DAM.

Merlin Basic was designed for enterprises that need to support both simple and sophisticated workflows, meeting the needs of all users. Merlin Basic and MX cover your occasional and power users and gives both the best of both worlds: the fastest performing DAM on the market, powerful features, along with fault-tolerance and security in a single tenant system. Merlin Basic can also be used as your brand portal.

“DAM’s are not one trick pony shows anymore. There are so many workflows and levels of users that need to be accommodated. Merlin Basic addresses that need,” commented sales director Rande Simpson.

For your power users, the more full featured MX UI is based on a modular, plug-in architecture and is highly configurable. Every toolbar button, palette, content view, and administration panel is a separate plug-in, so adding and removing workflow tools is available for admin users.

Video handling in MX is powerful. Users can mark and export video clips with Merlin’s browser: no need for a special video editor. Merlin video tools make it easy to search video by annotations or even the spoken word. Find the video fast, then use MX to export a clip or frame to your website or social media.

Merlin helps marketing teams with simple collaboration and approval workflow including email alerts and automated distribution of content (which can even be based on users’ specific comments).

MerlinOne will also show new enhancements to its Adobe Creative suite, WordPress and Drupal integrations as well as auto-tagging and auto translation functionality.

Merlin is offered three ways: as a fully managed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in our co-location facility in the United States, deployed in customers’ cloud instances  (AWS or similar) or on-premise. Merlin is also available as a HIPAA compliant system.

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