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Have you ever thought about how you could improve your Digital Asset Management experience. Do you currently have to manage workflow in multiple places or applications that don’t talk to each other? Would you like to wave your (Merlin)  magic wand so that users are empowered to more easily manage and use your important digital content?

Well, that day has arrived. Merlin Workflow Engine is the magic wand that will allow your Merlin DAM to:

  • Empower your users with self-service tools
  • Expand collaboration capabilities
  • Enforce business rules
  • Automate multi-channel distribution

You will never have to worry about using content inappropriately. During visits with customers, we are often asked, can I watermark content when I share it with social media, or can I export a picture once and have it saved in different formats or resolutions, or can I send content directly to someone’s Dropbox or similar account?

Well the answer is now an unequivocal “YES.”

I have been trying to think of all the different things that are possible with the Merlin Workflow Engine and Merlin, and I just can’t.  Convert file formats, version content from inside of Merlin (create a jpeg of a tif), send email to users to notify them of content for review, or notify others when the review has been completed. Automatically share content with external users when the review is complete.

Basically any action in the MerlinX Web Client is a potential trigger, and a trigger can cause predefined actions. A trigger may be as simple as new objects arriving in the Merlin DAM, or a metadata change, or adding content to a Merlin collection (lightbox). Possible actions may be content transformations (convert file formats), exports, metadata changes, adding, moving, copying or deleting content to/from collections, or adding watermarks. These are just some of the things that are possible with the Merlin Workflow Engine.

Workflows may be stacked or built on top of one another, and decisions automatically made, if something is true, then “this” happens, if something is not true, then “that” happens. The “This” and “That” possibilities are endless.

What sort of workflows do you envision with Merlin and the Merlin Workflow Engine? Send us your suggestions and you could win a MerlinOne Team t-shirt as shown.
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