ICP Partners with MerlinOne

ICP, the DAM (Digital Asset Management) managed services experts, announced today a strategic partnership with MerlinOne, the best DAM software company in the current market. The partnership will help MerlinOne’s customers improving its user adoption and ultimately help achieve ROI.

Partnering with MerlinOne will allow ICP to provide DAM managed services, consultancy, training and support to MerlinOne’s clients, working closely with their sophisticated DAM system will be an added value to our portfolio.

Rande Simpson, Director Sales and Marketing for MerlinOne states, “The partnership with ICP will allow our clients to get the best user adoption and ROI on the technology we provide. The background and experience of ICP gives them the credentials to understand the brand cultures and their assets better than anyone and we look forward to working with them.”

About ICP
ICP started 27 years ago as an Advertising Production company, versioning and adapting advertisements globally. This heritage allowed ICP to understand the quality and importance of advertising assets and in return, be in a perfect position to manage digital assets, grasping the value of the assets and brand cultures. ICP are experts in managing digital content, with their services consisting of [but not limited to]: Rights Management Control (helping avoid infringements), Asset Processing (maintaining brand consistency), Metadata/Taxonomy services (making it searchable), User Support & Adoption, Training, Project Management, Business Analysis, Change Management, Reporting and so much more.

Combined, ICP’s services will ensure the continued relevance of MerlinOne’s DAM platform and will continue to deliver the ultimate return on investment.

About MerlinOne
MerlinOne started in 1988 and have their background expertise in publishing. In 1994, MerlinOne adapted themselves to the new digital era by developing a DAM Software Platform that helps large and small organizations within a variety of industries. MerlinOne is constantly listening to their customers’ needs and demands, in order to help improve their products– the proof of satisfaction is in the news, where they recently landed on the top ten list of Massachusetts-Based Tech companies for customer satisfaction.

ICP managed services are used far and wide – from key Global Advertisers to small regional companies – all with similar end goals, to have their digital assets organized, easily searchable, sticking to brand guidelines, while increasing user adoption and receiving the ultimate return on investment.

For information about ICP, please visit their new website: www.icpnet.com

For further contact information, please contact Ruth Peters or Ines Gregorio at ICP, on +44 (0) 207 436 4300 / ruth.peters@icpnet.com or ines.gregorio@icpnet.com

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