How Digital Asset Management Software Can Help Your Remote Team

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Today, more people are working remotely than ever before. Remote work certainly has its benefits—flexible schedules, the ability to work from home (or anywhere) and no commute—to name a few. But, it isn’t always easy. Distraction often abounds at home, and without an arsenal of dependable martech tools, productivity and team collaboration can screech to a halt.

In addition to facing distractions at home, some companies don’t have standard remote work policies in place and continue to rely on outdated technology, making it even more difficult for remote teams and employees to be successful.

By and large, though, the barriers to remote work continue to decrease, and more companies are beginning to see remote work as a viable option, especially now that some are forced to. But simply giving your team the choice to work remotely isn’t enough. They need to have access to the right tools and often need cloud-based solutions, too.

One of the most crucial tools any remote marketing or creative team can benefit from having in their arsenal is a digital asset management solution. In this blog post, we’ll review what DAM software is, and how it can help your remote team so you can determine if it’s the right fit for you. 

Digital Asset Management 101

What exactly is digital asset management software? Digital asset management, or DAM software enables companies to securely store, organize, retrieve, and ultimately distribute their digital assets and files. These digital assets or files can come in many forms, including:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Datasheets
  • Newsletters
  • Branded content

Digital asset management encompasses both the software product, and a company’s process for organizing all of its digital assets and files. With many cloud-based remote working solutions available, including various DAM systems, companies are now able to fulfill their storage needs entirely online.

Whether you need to store and organize 1,000 files or 10,000, a digital asset management solution can provide your team with a range of benefits.

Get Remote Access to All of your Assets

To be successful, your remote team must be able to access the files and assets they need, whenever they need them. If your company typically relies on in-house servers or remote VPN connections, finding, downloading, and manually transferring files can be a frustrating and arduous process for everyone involved—especially when the files are too large to email.

With a cloud-based digital asset management solution, its easy for your remote team to access assets whenever they need them, from wherever they happen to be. It also eliminates the need to worry about sluggish VPN networks or unorganized share folders.

And, unlike many cloud-based file-sharing platforms, a DAM offers customizable permission settings, so you can control who has access to your company’s assets and what they can do with them.

Transfer Projects & Assets with Ease

A DAM is a centralized library for files of all types—from Office documents to Adobe Creative Suite files and more. Having a central library for your company’s files allows remote teams to transfer projects and assets from one team member to another with ease. Challenges with figuring our how to send large files via email, such as download delays and broken networks, are problems of the past when you have a DAM system as part of your workflow.

If your team decides to implement a DAM system to aid in the organization of projects and assets, you can be assured that only those with appropriate permissions will have the ability to access, download, and distribute files. If your team follows digital asset management best practices, they’ll be able to avoid issues when finding, organizing, and distributing assets.

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency & Productivity

When you’re working with or managing a remote team, it can be difficult to ensure that each team member meets productivity expectations. Giving your team the ability to access the assets and files they need to do their job—and trusting them to do so—enable them to get what they need quickly and efficiently.

Some DAM systems can even integrate with your existing project and content management systems and communication tools. Using a digital asset management tool that integrates with other systems in your martech stack will allow you to improve efficiency and productivity within your teams.

Start Reaping the Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software Today

Invest in digital asset management software and you can start reaping the benefits (and more) today.

Still not sure if its right for you? We understand that exploring a new system can be nerve-racking.

To learn how investing in DAM can provide great returns for you, your team, and your business, check out our digital asset management ROI calculator now!