How Content Hubs Extend the Reach and Value of Your DAM System

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According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching for and gathering information–and the right technology solution could improve productivity in this area by 30-35%.1  These time savings are critical. Every marketing professional has experienced a moment of panic when a colleague asks for a certain format of the company’s current logo, a whitepaper from three years ago, a backlog of blogs, and so on. Getting business-critical resources to the right people is necessary; taking time out of important role-specific tasks to sift through the content, is not.

Whether you already have a digital asset management system in place or are looking to implement one, consider DAM systems that offer a brand portal-type solution as an extension of the core product such as the MerlinX DAM solution and Content Hubs. A Content Hub is merely an extension of the DAM system which expedites asset sharing and allows you to engage a wider audience. Bring external partners into your brand and streamline asset distribution to ensure the right assets are always available to the right people. Take your content asset management to the next level by creating relevant resource libraries and reducing back-and-forth conversations with Content Hubs for MerlinX.

Creative Freedom & Control

With Content Hubs for MerlinX, the look and feel is entirely up to you. MerlinOne developed Content Hubs to extend the reach and value of the MerlinX DAM system. With full customization capabilities, you can tailor the look and feel of your portals through CSS to fit multiple use cases and deliver consistent, on-brand experiences to your chosen audience. The right digital asset management solution will also be entirely scalable, and able to grow with your growing content library, and business. Your digital asset management software will never box you in, and users should feel confident knowing their assets are secure within MerlinX, and can be made easily accessible to the right people with Content Hubs.

Countless Use Cases

Whether you’re juggling multiple product lines, dealing with inefficient collaboration, or looking to enhance internal asset distribution, Content Hub offers the solution. Developing brand consistency is critical to remaining top of mind and improving your bottom line, but maintaining brand consistency across teams and departments can be tricky.  Control your brand identity and promote proper use of branded elements with a content hub where approved templates, logos, and other critical branded assets such as brand guidelines are available to all. Provide access to internal teams, or external partners such as agencies and freelancers to maintain control over the creative assets that represent your company. Keep sales teams aligned with their own Content Hub for sales enablement materials such as slide decks, templates, product sell sheets, and more. Ensure marketing and creative teams have access to approved assets for their current campaigns or improve digital asset organization for multiple product lines by configuring a unique Content Hub for each.

Relevant Content Sharing

Your content hub provides access to authorized internal and external personnel so you can share what you want with whom you want. Allow audiences to view your entire content hub with a simple hyperlink or offer access to specific collections and folders within your digital asset library through unique URLs. Simply put, Content Hubs allow you to share the right assets, with the right people, everything else is up to you.

Privacy and permissions controls are easily configurable. Flexible security options allow you to decide to password-protect certain content or allow open access for use in public relations and other external efforts.  Depending on your business goals, you can determine the ideal privacy level that works for each of your unique Content Hubs.

If you’re working with clients or customers who are not regular digital asset management users, Content Hubs are the perfect solution to provide access to whatever digital assets they may need. This privilege is especially helpful to external parties looking to inform research or a story; create a Content Hub within your content management system dedicated to client resources, PR materials or both.

Increased Productivity

Content Hubs have the power to enhance internal processes, as well. If your creative team requires access to branding materials, existing content pieces, and templates, save them the trouble of sifting through a sea of other files like financial documents and HR notes. Instead, gather all relevant creative digital assets into one place, for creative purposes only.

Not only do content hubs streamline access, but they also streamline distribution. Your teams will no longer have to take time out of their workdays to gather content or tend to others’ requests. By establishing content hubs as extensions of your digital asset management software, you will empower every team member with relevant content and promote greater efficiency and collaboration so internal and external teams can perform better in their roles.

Are you ready to extend the reach and value of your DAM system with the MerlinOne Content Hub?

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1 Chui, Michael. “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies.” McKinsey & Company, McKinsey & Company, (Feb. 2019).