How AI Will Reinvent Digital Asset Management

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Digital content has exploded over the last few years. It’s everywhere. From independent bloggers to freelance writers, company blogs, industry blogs and more. For many companies, trying to manage content, images, videos and other digital assets can bring with it a whole new set of challenges.

A DAM system can help streamline the process of managing these assets and provides a range of other benefits, too. Combined with emerging accelerated intelligence technology, it can greatly improve internal processes and asset management outcomes.

In this post, we’ll explore how AI will reinvent digital asset management, so you can determine which DAM solution is the best fit for the needs of your company.

What AI Can Offer Digital Asset Management

As artificial intelligence is still considered an emerging technology, its applications are often debated because many companies can’t envision how it would be beneficial to them. With proper education, though, the benefits of an artificially intelligent DAM system are evident.

Speech-to-text Conversion

One of the most notable ways AI will reinvent DAM is through speech-to-text conversion. With speech-to-text conversion, an artificially intelligent software system or platform can convert spoken word into text by scanning an audio feed and breaking what it discerns into words.

In a real-world application, this feature is particularly useful when analyzing audio and video files. It shortens the process of transcribing audio or video files to text, saving time for both marketing and creative teams. This is specifically important in the case of DAM because the extracted text from audio and video files becomes searchable, allowing for even faster location of assets by searching using spoken words in audio or video files.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is another useful feature artificial intelligence can bring to your digital asset management system. With face detection, you have the unique ability to detect and match millions of faces within your collection in an instant. Do you need to identify an individual or individuals from a large gallery of images? When you have AI on your side, these time-consuming tasks become efficient, streamlined processes.

MerlinAI Facial Recognition brings innovative facial identification technology to MerlinX. This advanced featured utilizes biometrics and different deep learning algorithms to find, extract and identify a person’s face in an image, and do so quickly. Is the face within a crowd? Is it angled, shadowed or even partially hidden? With tools like MerlinAI Facial Recognition, identifying faces in even the most uncommon situations is easy.

Automatic Asset Tagging

A tag is a piece of information attached to a digital asset that often classifies the asset into a specific category, and describes the asset in some way. Most digital asset management systems allow you to create unlimited tags, using them as additional metadata that can help refine searches and filters and simplify the arduous process of file sorting. Without the aid of an artificially intelligent DAM system, your team must manually add keywords and metadata tags to each of the platform’s digital assets, doing so one at a time. This process can eat up a lot of their time.

With an AI-enabled DAM system, this task is passed off to the DAM, automating a previously manual and time consuming process. In this case, the AI system scans images, identifies the objects or people in the images and uses appropriate keywords to tag the images.

Not only does the MerlinAI Facial Recognition feature detect any person within your collection, but it also auto-tags them, saving your team even more time and effort.

Visual Similarity

Sorting through photos to identify similar photos and duplicates is a time-consuming, painful task no one wants to do. Image similarity features allow you to easily find photos in your asset catalog that are similar or duplicate, cutting down the number of hours you and your team need to spend sorting through them.

MerlinAI Visual Similarity handles this task for you, searching through your photos to find similarities and duplicates in no time at all. This capability allows you to maintain the integrity of the content within your asset management system and do a better job—in far less time!

Invest in AI & Reinvent Your DAM Today

If you’re already using a digital asset management system, but don’t have any of the AI capabilities mentioned earlier, now is the time to think about whether you should consider upgrading to a fully functional AI-enabled system for your company.

MerlinOne’s AI solutions allow your company to do a better job managing assets with less time, effort and people involved, meaning your team can focus on other initiatives that are important to your business.

To learn more about Merlin Accelerated Intelligence, contact us today.