Merlin Hootsuite

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What You’ll Get

  • Access your DAM content in Merlin from inside the Hootsuite UI
  • Easy to get up and running-no technical work required
  • Fast access your whole team can rely on
  • Add content to the Hootsuite Publisher without having to download and upload

Get access to your Merlin collections and search functions all while within your Hootsuite user interface. Find your content and add directly to your Hootsuite Publisher dashboard.

How it works.


Your Merlin DAM becomes a media source from within Hootsuite. Easily search, select, and add content to Hootsuite.

  • Find content and share to Hootsuite through the Publisher or Legacy Composer
  • Pull assets quickly and easily to speed up your workflow
  • Schedule your Merlin content for distribution across your social media channels

Under the Hood-Technical Information

Use the MerlinX Extension with Hootsuite to find content and share using the Legacy Composer or Hootsuite Publisher.

Product Minimum Version
MerlinX 6.0.2
MX Basic 6.0.6