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The recent Henry Stewart DAM conference in New York featured posters from companies that highlighted their Digital Asset Management workflows. ESPN’s use of their DAM was of particular interest to me perhaps because of my Associated Press wire service background.

ESPN is using their cloud-based DAM to centralize their image feeds. The problem they needed to solve was to have one location to find all pictures and graphics produced internally from their various creative services teams plus the thousands of agency images they receive daily.

The Digital Asset Management system is accessible via a web browser and, for the first time, editors go to a single place to search, work collaboratively and distribute images. Images flowing through the DAM are available anywhere in the world from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Rights and permissions are handled by the DAM, so no one has access to an image they are not entitled to use. A huge time, efficiency and cost savings is realized from having the DAM.

The number of input channels is quite impressive as is the volume of images that must be ingested quickly to be made available by the DAM. Not to mention how many departments and properties are serviced through their collaboration workflow as well as through the many distribution and campaign channels.

I think it is quite a cool and impressive enterprise DAM implementation although it is just one example of how an enterprise company benefits from a digital asset management system.

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