Foundation fundraising? How can you afford to not have a DAM?

While at the CASE III annual conference I had the opportunity to attend a session on building the framework for a successful university fundraising campaign and it was an eye opener. As one can imagine a multi-million dollar campaign takes years of organization, planning, implementing and nurturing.

University foundations, usually independent 501c3 organizations,  work outside and within the university frameworks to create major fundraising campaigns.  Planning tasks might include multiple focus group sessions for staff, faculty, alumni, donors and friends of the school.  Retreats might be organized to brain storm, narrow the goals and get the marketing focus planned.

Large universities have several schools which have their own communications and marketing teams, and alumni and booster groups. For a campus wide campaign they must all be on the same page – have consistent branding and messaging.  Special events teams that are organizing retreats need convenient access to images and branded materials. Outreach to potential donors might be achieved through multiple emails or from mailing literature. All this takes lots of material – print or electronic. Websites constantly need updating to reflect the campaign.

How can foundations accomplish this daunting task without a central repository for all the approved materials for the many email and print campaigns that are required to get the job done? How can brand consistency be maintained without versioning of approved logos? Just think how much easier the task would be if they used a digital asset management system to organize all the various schools’ and the foundation’s content.

Our university customers cannot even imagine how they ran campaigns before they had a DAM. The volume of digital content just keeps increasing and that means even more choices to make to maintain consistency in branding.  The right tool can save time and money.

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